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Is Low Network Speed Related To Shared Hosting Space

Is Low Network Speed Related To Shared Hosting Space?

Many of us know that the loading speed of the website is related to the bandwidth. But, there also remains a circumstance that a website may still own the rather slow speed, even with a large bandwidth. So, many webmasters begin to wonder whether it is related to the shared hosting space. Below, we will bring more detailed information on this matter.

Is Low Network Speed Related To Shared Hosting Space

Is Low Network Speed Related To Shared Hosting Space

1. Too many junk files in the system will also affect the loading speed. We recommend you to clean the system regularly.

2. Internal reasons for Netcom and Telecom (such as machine aging and systematic faults)。

3. Some running software inside your machine, and especially the aging of the network line, will also become a factor that can‘t be ignored. (at a very low rate)。

4. If you own a pretty slow download speed, you’d better check your Thunder first (if you use it) to update your obsolete version. In fact, the best way is to navigate to Thunder‘s official website to download the latest version and finish all the personal settings.

5. However, it is the files that needed to be downloaded, not Thunder, should be to blame. Sometimes, the download link may also result in the low download speed. Therefore, you may try some larger websites in order to gain the faster speed.

6. Low network speed. This is your own fault indeed!

7. Open too many pages in your browser. In fact, IE consumes a lot system memory. So, when opening plenty of pages at the same time, the insufficient page cache may slow down the loading speed of the website. However, it seems that you can address this problem by enlarging the page cache, but the effect is not that perfect.

8. Loading page contains too many special effect code and page plugins. These programs not only add special effects and interactive functions to the page, but also consumes a lot of network resources and memory instead. So, we recommend closing these programs without affecting users’ reading experience, which can also improve the safety level of the website.

9. We often ignore that local pages always have the limited storage space. When finding space insufficient, Windows is to apply for a new storage space, which requires the user to re-register in the system.

10. DNS server error. As long as DNS settings are incorrect, regardless of dynamic or static IP address, the page will fail to be opened. Because the domain name resolution can not be completed. For more details, you may contact your provider.

11. Too much system garbage and errors. In order to maintain the high stability, you‘d better adopt the latest version of Internet Explorer, try some other browsers or even reinstall your system.

In summary, there is still a certain relationship between the network speed and shared hosting space, but it is also necessary to find the right and deep reasons to solve these specific problems.

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