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Consider Website Space Issue From The Perspective Of Enterprise

Consider Website Space Issue From The Perspective Of Enterprise

Why do I say “think about the problem concerning the website space from the perspective of the enterprise”? This is mainly because when introducing products to customers, we always do the best to convey the advantages of our products instead of considering what kind of commodities actually do good to them or wondering the real needs of them. Therefore, we will give you some detailed information below.

1. From the perspective of price:

Website space rental usually costs less and the cost for one year is just several hundred renminbi. In particular, the provider will also launch some promotions regularly. All of these advantages make this option the best choice for most enterprises.

Instead, server not only has the relatively expensive price, but also needs the professional technical maintenance. In spite of this, the enterprise can store files and documents freely and cancel the limitations on website space and bandwidth.

On the whole, except for large sites, high-traffic websites and websites that require high configurations need to purchase services like server rental and server managed hosting, other corporate websites can choose other general options. The only thing that you should do is to check whether the access speed, stability and security of the corresponding shared hosting are good.

2. From the perspective of enterprise:

In general, the importance towards website design and the strength of the company may both affect your decision. In most cases, companies cooperate with providers to order services and store their websites‘ programs through regular renewals. While for companies with enough budgets, they can also purchase cloud servers or directly rent servers to grasp absolute controls of their sites.

Consider Website Space Issue From The Perspective Of Enterprise

Consider Website Space Issue From The Perspective Of Enterprise

3. From the perspective of website type:

In general, the size of the space is judged based on the type of the site. For example, for an ordinary display-type website, the size of a website program generally does not exceed 50M and most of them ranges from 10M to 30M, so the website space with 100M is totally enough.

If the corporate website build a membership system and needs to manage membership data, you may consider increasing the space to around 500M. But, if you’re running the website for an online store, its best configuration is about 500 – 800M. Considering the follow-up development and increasing traffic, you‘d better choose 1G at the very beginning.

4. From the perspective of website purpose:

For the same display-type corporate station, the website design company will equip an excellent server for its own official website, but ordinary companies may only purchase 100M space for storage.

Considering various factors such as the stability and security, the website design company usually buy the website a separate server to ensure all the important parameters, thereby ensuring that the website can avoid the unnecessary downtime in its campaigns and promotions.

If the intention of the company to create a website is to do relevant promotions, then a dedicated server may be the better choice. But, if you only regard the website as an electronic business card, then 100M space is sufficient.

Therefore, in this ever-changing era, we should think more for our partners. And this can definitely bring back great benefits for us. So does the tertiary industry. As long as we truly respect our customers, customers will treat us with sincerity as well.

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