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What‘s The Differences Between Space and Server Rental

What‘s The Differences Between Space and Server Rental?

Although the virtual space and server are both the spaces to store your website, there is the great differences between the two options. The shared hosting basically does not own the physical entity, instead, it partitions one real physical server into several virtual logic units which however obsess IP addresses and the complete Internet functions. While, the dedicated server could be divided into multiple virtual spaces, satisfying the needs of thousands of users at the same time.

So, what’s the differences between the space and the server rental?

Firstly, the shared hosting needs to use one server with other sites, which definitely will bring some unstable influences on its bandwidth, loading speeds and other functions. However, the server rental actually means that the user rents the whole machine and will suffer no impact coming from other clients, which will surely give the customer the relatively good speed and stability. So, as you may know, the shared hosting is more suitable for individuals and those medium-and-small enterprises.

Secondly, if the enterprise‘s website has some particular requirements on the configuration and the corresponding hosting environment, we hereby recommend you adopting the dedicated server. Because the shared hosting is just a unit on the server and the environment or configuration is fixed. But, if you choose the dedicated server, you may have the right to fully and flexibly customize your settings.

Thirdly, the server rental seems more secure. You should know that there are so many other sites exist on the same server you adopt. So, if one of them faces the severe problem like trapping in the downtime at the result of the surge of the website traffic, your site may be affected as well.

From all the information above, you may get a little further on the way of picking your own option. Anyway, remember to make your decision in accordance with your actual needs.

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