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What Option You Can Choose For The Web Hosting

What Option You Can Choose For The Web Hosting?

When choosing the web hosting plan, the user gets used to checking the support language, such as HTML,ASP,PHP,.Net and Java. But, as for some webmasters and users who engage in this industry just for a very short of time, they may feel confused about what web hosting best fits themselves. Today, we will introduce several options for you:


The pages in HTML space exist in a static manner and can demonstrate all the contents and information to the user. But the limited functions can be considered as one of the disadvantages of this option.

2. ASP

ASP is a script language that ought to be run in Windows operating system, which not only enables the data to interact with other programs. but also can be compatible with HTML static programs. Based on the large Windows users‘ community, ASP space has become one of the most welcomed options.

3. PHP

Similar to ASP space, PHP space is also the dynamic space. But, the disparity between the two plans is that PHP is a kind of the across-platform open source code and can be compiled as Apache module. Nowadays, many Linux and Unix users will consider PHP space as their first choice.


ASP.NET also needs to be operated under Windows environment and generally be regarded as the upgraded version of ASP space. As a new generation platform technology, .NET and ASP spaces are different in the development language and operation mechanism, but ASP seems to have stronger requirements of the stability and the skills of the technicians.


AS a cross-platform language, Java has the excellent storage management and security performance. Many websites which need the high security all adopt this language. Therefore, this feature increases the development cost, slows the development speed, and brings the high requirement for the technical staffs of this plan.

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