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What Is Web Hosting? And What Can Web Hosting Do

What Is Web Hosting? And What Can Web Hosting Do?

In general, the web hosting, also called the virtual server officially, is the space for users to store the materials and display the website content.

In most cases, we need a domain name, space and some website programs to initiate the website building. In other words, the website space is the place where we can store the relevant programs. When choosing a suitable hosting plan, we should rely on the actual need, programming environment, and the website traffic in the later stage etc.

But, why we need the website space? One is due to its simplified management. You only need to upload the completed website programs via FTP to the space. Because the server configuration environment is decided already, so there is no need for us to go through the configuration independently, which definitely saves you a lot of time. And the second reason is that this option offers an affordable price and to great extent reduces the maintenance cost, which seems a good choice for those newbies.

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