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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting? Which Aspects Should Be Consider?

The web hosting, also named web space, is a kind of virtual server partitioned from one server, which is more suitable for the small-and-medium enterprises and individuals. Because there are several users share the same server, so we do not recommend the large corporation adopting this option. Therefore, how to purchase the reliable hosting plan?

In fact, the main functions of various servers are similar, the only factors that may influence the price of the web hosting are the website size and the type of the database that it can support. So, combining the actual need and the following aspects when choosing the hosting plan is very important. Below, we will offer you some advice.

Basically, there are two types of operating systems among the web hosting plan: Linux and Windows. Although Linux performs better in stability, management and transparency than Windows, most servers still select Windows as their first choices.

In general, ASP.net chooses Windows in order to support the MSSQL database. While PHP web hosting would be better choosing Linux series, which can run the PHP and MySQL.

If the website only targets the domestic users and does not consider expanding its market in foreign countries, well, the inland server is definitely the best choice. Because this can guarantee the best access speed for our Chinese wherever we live. But if your website aims to develop business overseas, you‘d better considering U.S. hosting plan so as to bring you the fastest speed.

If you want to store many images or initialize complicated functions, please do not hesitate to rent the bigger disk space. In most cases, one web page can take up 60kb, so SMEs can choose the web hosting with 30km website space.

Considering the significance of some data and documents, we may better purchase the web hosting with the ability of SSL encrypted transmission, which prohibits the unauthorized user from accessing the vital material on the target server.

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