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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Foreign Backup-free Web Hosting

As we all know, the foreign web hosting plan like US or HK hosting has no need to go through the backup procedures in the related inland bureau for the sake that its server location is not in China Mainland, which frees the option from the jurisdiction of the local supervision department. So, what‘s the advantages and disadvantages of the foreign backup-free web hosting?

The Disadvantages:

1. The server IP address may be blocked by the local government which will lead to the failure for you to access the target website (If some contents on one site are aggressive and illegal, the rest of websites using the same server will be affected as well)。

2. The disreputable hosting provider may shut down the space at any time (the free space may encounter this situation for most of times)。

3. Unsteady access speed and easily be influenced by the international bandwidth.

4. The complicated installation procedure and many servers only support few language options which will cause that the webmaster may ignore several significant functions. In addition, the site owner possibly has trouble in communicating with the technical experts of the provider also.

5. The server does not support the application in need.

The Advantages:

1. Can bind the domain name without the complicated backup procedure.

2. Has both the inland and foreign data centers.

3. Loosen content restriction.

4. Steady international access speed.

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