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What Is Web Hosting Space? And Why Choose Web Hosting?

In general, the so-called virtual space is just the web hosting which accommodates the resources including the systematic resources, network bandwidth and storage from one server or a set of servers to the relatively dedicated hosting in accordance with the certain percentage. Every “tiny server” can realize WWW, FTP and Mail Internet services, just like the dedicated server. Basically, the web hosting will share one IP address of one server and aims to store the finished web page. Users can only access the enterprise‘s website via the domain name after the web page is uploaded by the webmaster to the site.

web hosting

web hosting

So, why is the web hosting, not the server?

1. Compared with the dedicated server, the cost of this option is greatly reduced which absolutely benefits SMEs.

2. The server management is rather easy and professional providers may offer security measures such as software configuration, anti-virus and anti-attack to users which to some extent simplify the management difficulty.

3. The efficiency for publishing your website will increase. It usually takes a long time for you to check out the relevant server and install operating systems and applications. But, when choosing the web hosting rental, you can accomplish all these things in just few minutes.

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