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What Are the Common Problems With US Shared Hosting

Users may encounter various problems with the usage of US shared hosting. Today, we compile a list concerning the relevant FAQ and solutions for massive readers and do hope it can bring you some inspirations to some extent.

1. How To Check The Space Usage

Users can utilize some FTP software to check the space usage, surplus space and disc storage of the website regularly when not sure about the above information.

2. How Big Is The 1G Space

In general, 1G space is totally enough for those enterprises‘ and portal websites. If you only place the text on the site, 1G is equal to more than 50,000 characters. But, if you use the standard web page to do the calculation, IG may accommodate up to 10,000 A4 format pages and 20,000 web page images.

US shared hosting

US shared hosting

3. Why Pop Up The “Service Unavailable” Hint

In fact, dozens of users have been facing this error, which actually caused by IIS limitation. Click the Refresh button may remove this embarrassment.

If the shared hosting adopts the 2003 Windows operation system, “Service Unavailable” just means you have too much IIS on your server. Here, I would like to mention that IIS refers to the number of the windows and links you open up in your website. The more windows you start, the more IIS you occupied. In most cases, here are two ways for you to address the problem. One way is to upgrade your host, and the other way is to check the hotlinking.

4. Fails To Demonstrate The Webiste Content After Uploading The File

Basically, the default file of the home page is index.htm and index.asp. So, you should check whether you wrong the file name at this moment. Remember to rectify the incorrect one when you fail to access the domain name.

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