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The Shopping Guide for Newbies to Purchase Web Hosting

As we all know, it is necessary to purchase a web hosting plan if you want to establish a website. But, when facing various choices, some novice webmasters may not know how to select and purchase the proper web hosting. Below, we will introduce some shopping suggestions to you.

1. Domestic Plan vs. Overseas Plan?

The biggest and most obvious difference between the domestic and overseas plans is the backup issue of the website. It is a must to back up your website in the related bureau and go through the complete official process after purchasing the inland hosting plan, while the overseas one has no need to do this. In addition, if you expect to build a foreign trade website, maybe you should better select the overseas space to own the relatively faster access speed.

2. Decide Program Language and Environment

Although the main development languages are PHP and ASP, different web hosting providers may support various environments. Most providers offer Linux and Windows operation systems to users which respectively support PHP and MySOL dynamic website environment, and PHP/ASP/ASP.NET/MySQL/MSSQL/ACCESS scripts and database.

So, you should choose the proper operation system according to the program environment of the website and the suggestions directly given by the provider to ensure you make the right decision.

3. Consider Basic Data Configurations

The basic configurations of the general website include space, traffic, the number of the binding domain name and the size of the database. For most new website owners and enterprises, 500M space is definitely enough, because you may not have the clear goal at the very beginning. Diverse configurations bring out different prices. Therefore, you should both take your budget and the actual need of the site into your considerations.

4. Access Speed and Site Stability

The access speed and site stability are two important factors that probably impact the website operation. In most cases, the low access speed or poor stability will lead to the bad user experience, and even influence the normal inclusion and ranking of the search engines. So, you can try to utilize the testing software to check it out before the purchase.

5. Satisfied Technical Support Team

The technical support team will be your best partner during the process of handling various tough problems. An excellent after-sales technician would effectively solve issues in time and be your reliable companion. Therefore, selecting a professional and quality technical team is very necessary for our newbies.

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