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How to Use Web Hosting

How to Use Web Hosting?

Many green-hand enterprises and website owners do not know how to put the web hosting into practice after the purchase. In fact, you only need to complete the domain name resolution and binding, and then download and install a FTP tool to upload the web page to the web hosting. Below are the detailed steps you should initiate:

Step One: Domain Name Resolution and Binding

After purchasing and initializing the web hosting, the provider may advise you to bind a main domain name at first, but it is your right to use the old registered domain name. It is very easy to implement the domain name binding by directly using the control panel to add and bind a main domain name. But if your server is a multi-site hosting, adding additional domain or sub-domain name will enable you to bind multiple domain names.

Once the domain name binding is finished, here we go to the domain name resolution. This part is directly operated in the management panel of the domain name. If you in fact don‘t know how to deal with the resolution, maybe you can contact the technical team to help you bind the required domain name to the target IP address. However, the domain name registered by the hosting provider will automatically be set up the domain name resolution (including www and FTP) by the system after the purchase, and the domain name will generally be effective on the same day.

Step Two: Upload Web File Via FTP

After the domain name resolution takes effective, you may visit the domain name via the browser and see the default page of the web hosting. If not, it seems your effort doesn’t work. Then, you need to upload programs or web files to the website root directory via the FTP tool or the back end of the web hosting. The root directory of the Linux server is public_html, whereas it becomes httpdocs towards Windows operation system. After finishing the step successfully, you may extract or move the web page or the program depending on the actual need. Of course, you should also ensure that you can access the correct page when inputting the corresponding domain name.

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