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How to Purchase Domain Name and Space

With the vicissitude of the e-commerce industry, many enterprises begin to build their own websites after observing the huge and lucrative profit inside. So, how to purchase the domain name and the space for your new site?

Most domestic enterprises usually choose the inland domain name providers as their targets. When applying to buy the domain name, remember to possibly select the renowned provider with the ICANN certificate.

And also, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Domain Name Management Authority: Do you obsess the complete name management authority, which means that whether you take the domain name in your own hands 。

2. Domain Name Renewal Price: Some domain names may have lower registration fees, but they indeed acquire the more expensive renewal prices.

3. Freely transferred: Some providers may charge costly prices of transfer in order to prevent you from transferring domain names to their competitors. Thus, it is better to figure out before making your final decision.

As for the space purchasing, you may take the server configuration and the applied function into your consideration. You should focus on the actual needs and do not just chase the bigger space simply. The sites of those new website owners and enterprises actually have a little volume of the traffic at the very early stage, therefore, investing the relatively larger website is undoubtedly a kind of waste.

In general, the reputable and high-quality should always be your first choice. Recommend you checking Bluehost China as always: https://cn.bluehost.com/

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