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Where to Buy Domain Name

Where to Buy Domain Name?

Nowadays, applying for domain names and hosting plans is a perquisite for individuals and enterprises to establish corresponding websites. But under the complicated hosting market, users may become rather difficult in picking up the domain name provider day by day. So, where to buy the domain name?

Before purchasing the domain name and the hosting plan, you should contact the target provider to check out whether it owns the legal record name, business license and IDC certificate in advance. Bluehost China, the very famous and renowned hosting provider in mainland China, strives to guarantee you the best service in this aspect.

Also, the domain name is just like the front door of the website, and can usually leave the user a deep first impression. Therefore, a good domain name is pretty crucial towards the website operation and development. And com, net, cn and org are the most ordinary suffixes among domain names. Although in the aspect of SEO, no suffix will have the impact on the website inclusion operated by various search engines, but experienced professionals usually prefer the suffix com. in most of the times. Thus, Bluehost China hereby remind you of choosing a domain name that relatively easy to remember (including the company abbreviation or keywords) before doing the purchase.

And of course, despite the stability and speed, you may also take the performance-price ratio into your consideration. In general, the hosting plan provided by Bluehost China stands out from the pack with its unparalleled advantages upon the price and the functions and definitely won’t let you down.

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