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Where to Purchase the Dedicated IP Shared Hosting

Where to Purchase the Dedicated IP Shared Hosting?

The independent IP shared hosting, also called the hosting plan with the dedicated IP address, is welcomed by massive enterprises and website owners just due to the no existence and interruption of other sites under the same IP. So, where to purchase the independent IP shared hosting?

First, when choosing the independent IP shared hosting, please remember to check whether you can be redirected to the website in a minute after inputting your IP address. If so, congrats! After the correct purchase, we can directly use IP to open the website before the domain name resolution.

Second, most enterprises and website owners choose to utilize the dedicated IP shared hosting to take care of the advertising and marketing campaigns in the later period. Take the shared IP for an instance, if other websites using the same IP with you get blocked by some search engines, maybe your websites would be punished also, even if it is not your own fault. So, this seems very unfair for those website owners who are trying hard with the integrity SEO strategy. Therefore, choosing the independent IP shared hosting is also smoothing the pave for the website SEO right now.

Also, despite the above aspects, you may take the certificates and the after-sales service of the target provider as well. The famous shared hosting provider Bluehost China https://cn.bluehost.com/ owns the professional support team, and can ensure you the 24/7 real-time technical online consultant.

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