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What is the Difference Between the Fomestic and Foreign Shared Hosting

What is the difference between the domestic and foreign shared hosting?

Whatever domestic and foreign shared hosting, they are the same, the nature of the product is the same, because the distribution of the network, the network environment of each country is different, lead to visit each other often appear from country to country.There are problems: slow access speed, web page can‘t open and so on and so forth .In order to solve the similar problems, according to different customer groups, the server will need to choose a different website space.

Compared with our domestic shared hosting, Hong Kong shared hosting have the following differences:

1. The use of Hong Kong server is not required for filing. The process of domestic server filing is believed to be not to be said, everyone has experience. And website if there is no record in the period of success, then the face was shut down, is the democratic rule of law society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong server does not exist for the record, so you can be at ease use, do not have to give a lot of care on the record.

2. The domestic server has telecom and netcom. If the server selected is telecom, the access speed of netcom user is limited. If it is netcom, then the telecom user will be restricted. Hong Kong space from visitors to the choice of network service providers to the speed limit, namely whether the user is telecom or netcom, all the same open the speed, as a result, you can retain a large number of potential customers for your station.

The Internet in Hong Kong goes directly to the world network, which opens very quickly overseas. The speed of access worldwide will be improved, although it is not as fast as the domestic server in our country, but the customer is the god! Convenience is the most important thing.

4. Whether The Hong Kong space can choose to have independent IP or not 。 Its main reason is that Hong Kong’s IP resource is rich, the mainland‘s IP resource scarcity, it is impossible to provide independent IP space, using the advantage of the independent IP is can let you from the effects of other space.

So, what kind of website is more suitable for choosing a Hong Kong hosting space when we choose? The following are common:

(1) website for foreign trade business

(2) website which file cannot be passed

(3) personal website

(4) websites that do not wish to file

(5) there is no need for domestic telecom network mutual connectivity.

So when we are choosing,we should choose according to the actual situation of your website, so as to avoid unnecessary waste due to other factors.

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