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What websites can BlueHost hold

The overseas host is very popular among many websites owners, because this kind of host is no need to do record, and the audit process is also very easy. Then, what sites can be put into the overseas host?

Whether it is suitable to put blog, forum websites into BlueHost? such as WordPress, Discuz. Absolutely, there is no problem, because some personal blog and forum sites just need a small amount of traffic.

Is BlueHost suitable for a picture site? In fact, the picture site needs more traffic space, fortunately, BlueHost provides unlimited space and unlimited traffic which can meet its needs for large traffic. What’s more, BlueHost performs well in speed and stability. However, it is best to separate the site and pictures to increase the speed.

Can BlueHost be used to do movie collection site? For some movie collection sites, they have high demand for traffic and space , and BlueHost provides unlimited traffic and unlimited space which can meet their requirements. And you can also use CDN acceleration technology to reach faster access speed. So BlueHost is suitable for the use of movie collection site.

Is BlueHost suitable for enterprise sites? The overseas host are often uesd for enterprise sites, especially for foreign trade sites. Therefore, BlueHost is completely suitable for enterprise sites.

In a word, BlueHost is suitable for many kinds of sites,including forum blog, some photo sites, or video capture sites and so on, and users just need to choose the configuration they need. And for some enterprise sites, BlueHost has never been more appropriate.

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