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How much web site space do you need for the general website construction

How much web site space do you need for the general website construction?

Sometimes a lot of webmaster friends in the site construction, are puzzled exactly how to choose site space.In general, there are several aspects to consider.

Web site space is also commonly referred to as The China shared hosting, site space is to register the content of the site to occupy the helper space, the need for domain name binding to the normal visit. Site space is divided into two pieces, page space and database space. The page space can be divided into static space, asp/asp. NET space, PHP space, JSP space, etc. according to the program you choose. able to store web site files and materials, including text, flash, download documents, Web pages, images, Access database and other files capacity. Database space is divided into Access, MySQL, MSSQL and other spaces.Access databases do not have a single space and are often used with ASP pages.

Generally, the general website construction of the basic page HTML file and page image needs about 30M site building space. Plus merchandise photos and various introductory pages, usually built in 100M website. In addition the company needs to register the reaction information and the spare file space, and some other hard disk space left (otherwise it will lead to data loss).An enterprise display website altogether approximately needs 100m-300m‘s website space (that is, the China shared hosting space) is enough, rents the big space to be able to upload some videos and the photograph 。

First, from the usefulness of the site to distinguish:

The Web site is generally divided into news stations, social stations, games stations, search stations, company stations and so on, No. About the company, the site is broadly divided into the display type and the mall type, and there is not open mobile site A said, this good understanding, the more the usefulness of the site, the more messy, the Web page will be the more capacity, the more the choice of space, of course, the more function, the stability of the space, the speed of the request is higher,Quotations will be more expensive.

Second, from the site needs to distinguish: Generally speaking, the company’s focus on the site, the strength of the company will also affect the site of the selection of space.Usually the company needs small, the use of the China shared hosting on the line, but the strength of a relatively strong company, procurement of VPS or directly equipped with a helper is the best choice.

Third, from the space quotation to distinguish:

Site space quotes are also the resolution of the company‘s choice of space capacity, one of the factors, the price is too high or too low is not very good, the price is pure waste, the price is too low, the product must be garbage, just from the site needs to be satisfied is a good space, there is no need to much emphasis on quotation.

Therefore, in the choice of corporate website space, can be based on the above three points to choose, but also with the establishment of the company to carry out detailed communication, choose suitable for their host space.

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