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The differences between BlueHost cloud hosting and VPS

Now, VPS and cloud hosting are both popular among users, but then, which one should users choose ? Please read the differences between this two types of hosts as follows.

VPS is actually a separate server which is split into multiple virtual servers, and each VPS has its own operating system, independent IP address, but it can also be divided into multiple virtual hosts etc., what’s more, VPS has the same functions with dedicated servers, such as restarting the server separately, installing the system, and so on.

Cloud hosting is also called a new generation of shared hosting, and users do not share one specific server, but all servers that in the cloud. Additionally, cloud hosting also has root as well as the function of reloading and upgrading the system.

The major differences :

1、Operational management:

Cloud hosting has built-in KVM, so that users can manage centrally through the server system, and it also has root privileges, but VPS just has a management interface, and no have root.

2、Security and Reliability:

Cloud hosting can be the best in security, part of because there is an APP installed inside, and its DDOS defense capabilities has been promoted, besides, it also has built-in data backup and restore function. However, compared with cloud hosting, VPS is inferior in security, if the other VPS that in the same server meet problems during installation, their own VPS may be affected as well.


VPS is cheaper than cloud hosting, and its configuration is not very well, however, the cloud hosting is much more expensive.

The performance of VPS is not very well, but at least it can meet the requirments of general sites. While cloud hosting ‘s performance is relatively better, and what it use is physical server, so its price will naturally be higher.

What mentioned above are the differences between BlueHost cloud hosting and VPS, as for users, it’s better to choose on the basis of the performance of the site, you can also consult the customer service if you still have some questions.

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