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How About the Price of BlueHost Dedicated Server

The dedicated server performs better no matter in performance or security ,but it is also much expensive,so many webmasters who need dedicated servers always intend to choose overseas servers ,such as BlueHost dedicated server. Then, how about the price of BlueHost dedicated server? If it is too expensive? Here‘s a detailed introduction.

BlueHost is a well-known host service provider in the United States, which provides the dedicated server, VPS, cloud hosting and other products in addition to the virtual hosts. BlueHost is favoured by many users in China with its premium performance and faster speed, therefore it has many users in the country for many years.

BlueHost dedicated server is one of the overseas servers that used most by domestic users. BlueHost dedicated servers cost as little as $ 409 a month, with E3-series CPUs, 4G memory, 2.5 GHz quad-core hyperthreading technology, 5TB traffic, and 2 free IPs, which can meet most of the station building needs. The details of BlueHost dedicated servers are as follows:

BlueHost dedicated server

BlueHost dedicated server

In addition to price advantage, BlueHost dedicated server also supports multi-system and multi-machine room. BlueHost server provides both Windows and Linux systems, and supports multiple programming languages, like PHP, ASP and ASP.NET and more, to meet the needs of different users. Windows system is more familiar to domestic users, but US servers often are not windows systems, so BlueHost dedicated server is a good choice. At the same time BlueHost Linux system server also provides machine rooms in the United States and Hong Kong, so that those who like Hong Kong machine rooms can also use it.

BlueHost server providers also provide a strong service and technical support, and it also specifically launched the Chinese official website for domestic users’ convenience. And BlueHost also supports 7 * 24-hour Chinese technical customer service online, to solve the server problems timely for the user. The two systems of BlueHost server respectively support cPanel / WHM control panel, both of which are relatively simple to operate.

Above are introductions about BlueHost server , it is obvious that the server not only has many advantages, but also has appropriate price, while supporting BlueHost coupon code, so you’ll enjoy a cheaper price.

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