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Which is Better Between VPS Hosting and Shared hosting

VPS hosting and shared hosting are the most common options that many enterprises and webmasters may encounter when choosing their own hosting plans. So, you may wonder which one seems better?

First, we have to admit that VPS hosting seems to partition one server into several dedicated ones to jointly enjoy the hosting resources and every VPS hosting will receive its separate public IP address and dedicated operation system, which makes it better than the ordinary shared hosting. However, the ordinary shared hosting is just to allow multiple servers to share one hosting resource only.

Second, you should make your decision upon the actual need of your website. There is no need for you to purchase VPS hosting, if your website only receives dozens of or hundreds of IP addresses per day. But if you run a marketing website which can receive massive traffic every day, well, maybe you should really consider VPS hosting plan.

In general, it is better to use VPS hosting plan when you face the high-volume traffic and the need for the server stability. As for those SMEs, the shared hosting plan usually seems to be a promising choice.

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