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BlueHost VPS Cloud Host Introduction

BlueHost VPS cloud host is a kind of host product on basis of cloud computing technology that launched by BlueHost China. Compared with the traditional host, the cloud host is based on the cluster server,each host in the cluster have a mirror of the cloud host, so in a large part it can improve the security and stability of the virtual host, it won’t be inaccessible unless all hosts in the cluster occur problems at one time.

VPS cloud host launched by BlueHost China has four types of configuration options, including Standard, Enhanced, Premium, Elite. ( see picture below)。 VPS cloud host is based on the cloud host of 30,000 strong physical server in BlueHost data center, it is more secure and more stable, and the minimum annual payment only at 158 RMB/ month.

vps cloud host

vps cloud host

The features of VPS cloud host

1. Based on Linux system, KVM technology research and development.

2. Provide completely independent resources, which means that no matter what other users do on the server, you ‘ll not be affected.

3. Enjoy all the root privileges of the host, you can install any required programs, and set up your own virtual machine according to your needs.

4. Support SSH control, and support the change of. Htaccess permissions, the configuration is also completely free.

5. It has abundant resources,you will never need to worry about the shortage of CPU, RAM or HDD, which can ensure the normal operation of the server.

6. If you need the additional storage space for the SAN, you can use OrderBox to expand space flexibly.

7. Support CentOS operating system, equipped with PostgrSQL and MySQL database, support for many current popular development programs.

8. It contains the current most popular Cpanel panel.

If you’re ready to purchase BlueHost VPS cloud host, you can follow these steps, such as“ select the cloud host program → configure cloud host → add software → select domain name → complete payment “, and you just need follow prompts to configure your own host parameters in Chinese interface. Now purchase BlueHost products in BlueHost Chinese station, do not forget to use the coupon code BH !

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