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How BlueHost To Increase Speed


How BlueHost To Increase Speed?

Nowadays,more free open source programs are used in the website construction,for example, WordPress etc., which can be used in personal site, corporate site and so on. However, the virtual hosting will occupies more resources after these programs ran a certain amount of time, and the site opens slowly, then how can we improve the speed, please read on for more details!

BlueHost is a host provider in the United States, which has its own computer rooms in the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, India and so on, so users can choose their own computer room according to their needs. In addition, BlueHost is also a foreign trade host with high praise, which provides both Windows and Linux systems. There are three ways to accelerate the speed of BlueHost :

1,Clean up the database caching

The longer the WordPress website to run, the more cache file will be generated, including the log files, 404 error page fields and so on. At this time, users can log in to the database management interface of PHP MyAdmin , and clean up the database cache like 404 error, log files and so on. Meanwhile, users can also install the plug-in to clean up the database cache, for example, the WP-Optimize.

2, Use CDN acceleration technolog

BlueHost supports CDN global acceleration technology. BlueHost speed is very fast ,but some sites may brim with pictures, which could influence the speed, then you can compress the picture,or use CDN acceleration technology. When users access the content of the website, they can boot the original user‘s routing request into the server with the best access speed through the system scheduling, and in this way you can shorten the network distance between users and contents, so as to accelerate the speed.

3, Merge the documents

The documents here mainly including CSS, JavaScript, and every time users add the file of CSS and JavaScript in the website page, there will be one more HTTP request in the browser ,so users will have to wait a longer time to open the website. Ideally, there is only one file of CSS and JavaScript, which is also be compressed to make it as small as possible, this is where users can install WP Minify plugins. If necessary, the user can also merge the icons, that is combing some small pictures, and make it into CSS Sprite.

What mentioned above are the methods which can accelerate the speed of BlueHost, you can have a choice according to your needs.