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Performance Plays a Crucial Role in Hong Kong Shared Hosting


Price is now not the primary consideration for people to buy things, the importance of cost-effective has now become a public concern. Take the Hong Kong shared hosting,some China shared hostings, although the price is cheap, cheap and affordable, but it is not easy to use. And the price is too expensive, for the novice webmaster, the burden is too heavy. Therefore, it is necessary to select a high cost-effective Hong Kong shared hosting.

At present, a lot of stationmaster start enterprise website construction, because it builds station low cost, expandability super strong. But the new stationmaster is in the process of building a station, in order to covet immediate benefit, choose those cheap and free China shared hosting, such host often have a lot of restrictions, slow speed, poor stability. More serious is the possibility of mandatory placement of advertising content on your site, and some also contain a lot of hidden charges, quite detrimental to the long-term development of the site.

If the high price of the Hong Kong shared hosting, although the speed and stability of the corresponding protection, but for the newly built station, with a try attitude, the burden is too heavy, totally unnecessary. And the price is high is not necessarily the best, only the performance-to-price ratio is high to suit the novice stationmaster.

When we choose the Hong Kong shared hosting we must choose the one that suits us and is more cost-effective. Do not only covet immediate benefits, only those very low price hosts, cheap goods. Easy to use and affordable is the accepted principle.

Which is More Suitable for Enterprise Construction Station, Virtual Host and VPS


See title, whether a lot of friends are wondering, enterprise website construction still has tradition and new era cent? Actually, say white is professional and unprofessional cent. However, when choosing a virtual host, you should choose according to your own professional level.

See title, whether a lot of friends are wondering, enterprise website construction still has tradition and new era cent? Actually, say white is professional and unprofessional cent. However, when choosing a China shared hosting, you should choose according to your own professional level.

Domestic shared hosting performance restrictions are stricter, unlike foreign China shared hosting, like traffic restrictions, IIS restrictions, and so on, there is a strict division. When the website grows to a certain size, the performance of virtual space will become an obstacle to the development of the website.

From an operational point of view, the China shared hosting is more suitable for the use of non-professional station master. VPS is more suitable for professional technical personnel. China shared hosting general use China shared hosting control panel and FTP upload tool management, as long as you will be binding domain, upload page operation site problem basically is not big, but the VPS is another matter, VPS server is a small, it has a separate operating system, web site running environment and space security requires webmaster to set, if there is no certain technology use the VPS is very dangerous.

China shared hosting is more competitive in terms of price, especially for domestic webmasters. The vast majority of domestic webmasters are on the road to building websites because of their hobbies. If the cost of website space is too big, and the website profit does not return the cost, the bankruptcy is certain. If your site‘s scale China shared hosting can handle it, use China shared hosting as much as possible. After all, the price is not very expensive and can save points.

In terms of performance, it is true that VPS performs better. This can see from the definition, China shared hosting is divided into a certain amount of disk space on network server for users to place sites, such as application components, provide the necessary site function, data storage and transmission function. VPS is a service that splits a server into multiple virtual exclusive servers. Each VPS can be divided into independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent super space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution program and independent system configuration. In addition to the ability to distribute multiple China shared hosting and unlimited enterprise mailbox, users can independently install programs and restart the server independently. However, for small stationmaster, general M type China shared hosting can be, unless the virtual host can not satisfy the demand of the website to space, it is not recommended that the station master use VPS. If you’re standing on only one site running on top of VPS, it wastes a lot of your VPS resources and costs you a lot of money. When the cost of upgrading the China shared hosting is great, it is suggested that the webmaster should purchase VPS with others, which can make full use of the VPS resources and also save costs.

BlueHost Launches Hong Kong Virtual Hosting


BlueHost Launches Hong Kong Virtual Hosting

The biggest advantage of Hong Kong virtual hosting is its fast speed. We can choose Hong Kong virtual hosting from BlueHost China station, so that ensure the access speed of our website.This is also one of the local services that blue host provides for domestic webmasters.

As one of the hubs of the global network, Hong Kong contains many data centers and computer rooms of established IDC vendors and service providers at home and abroad. For instance, like SoftLyaer, Amazon that owned by IBM both have nodes or computer rooms in Hong Kong. Hong Kong IDC services industry has become matured, and due to its special policy, Hong Kong virtual hosting has been particularly favoured by domestic foreign trade websites.

BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting offers three programs, including Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. This host supports for Linux and Windows operating systems, providing mainstream cPanel and Plesk control panel. The scalable server of data center is equipped with dual quad-core Xeon processor, to ensure the 99.9% uptime. Among them Linux Hong Kong virtual hosting also supports global CDN acceleration technology.

Basic configurations of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting programs:

virtual hosting

virtual hosting

BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting without filing, that is ready to use, and users can also enjoy the local services that is more convenient than US host. Moreover, BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting provide a 30-day money back guarantee. BlueHost China Station supports credit cards, Paypal and Alipay, etc., which is so convenient.

In addition, BlueHost also launches the latest coupon code, users can enjoy a 10% discount by purchasing the Plan A of Hong Kong virtual hosting in BlueHost Chinese Station ,while 20% discount for Plan B and Plan C 。

What BlueHost Linux Shared Hosts are Suitable for PHP Applications


Today, using PHP program to build site has become a mainstream, and domestic PHP site has also become more and more popular, most of the major applications are based on the PHP program, such as commonly used ECShop ShopEX, Discuz !, WordPress, joomla, etc., so we can find that PHP occupies an important position in the current market. As a result, many hosting companies are beginning to focus on the PHP virtual hosting business, while Linux virtual hosting on BlueHost China are perfectly compatible with PHP websites.

Host companies generally launch not Linux virtual hosting or Windows virtual hosting, and PHP programs are supported both in Linux and Windows, but most of the Linux space is using the PHP + MySQL operating environment, and PHP open source advantages combined with Linux characteristics, which has made Linux + PHP a trend, and their perfect compatibility has fully guaranteed the stability and security of PHP website.

BlueHost has been known for providing Linux virtual hosting since it was introduced, however, BlueHost has also provided Linux virtual hosting on its Chinese site after entering the Chinese market. Its Linux Web Hosting provides a very standard and normative PHP platform on which any standard PHP Web site program can be installed and run. At the same time, Linux virtual host supports a key installation of most PHP applications on the backend.

Many PHP applications may adopt different versions, and the virtual virtual hosting provided by BlueHost China website supports multiple PHP versions, which can meet the needs of different applications. You can see BlueHost virtual hosting Switching PHP Version Tutorial for details.

BlueHost China station provides three types of Linux virtual hosting programs,including Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, different configurations can meet the needs of different users, and most importantly, don’t forget to use the coupon code BH to enjoy a discount!

Recommended BlueHost Hong Kong Virtual Host


As we know, BlueHost has launched the Hong Kong virtual host since 2014, which also provided Linux and Windows systems. And the background operation panel supports cPanel and Plesk panels. The reasons why it is recommended to domestic users is that BlueHost is not only a well-known U.S. host provider, but its Hong Kong host server is located in the top Telehouse room in Hong Kong‘s HKColo.NET data center.

Hong Kong virtual host

Hong Kong virtual host

Telehouse is a global Fortune 500 multinational enterprise, with 44 computer rooms in 12 countries, and its data center director has 25 years experience in this industry. Telehouse Hong Kong computer rooms covers an area of 30,000 square feet and is the T3 + standard data center ,also one of the largest data centers in Hong Kong. The Host servers hosted in this data center are using the most advanced hardware and software equipment, which has good stability. Bluehost Chinese station’s Hong Kong server is using Xeon Dual Hex-Core, Dell server with 48 GB of memory, high performance and Juniper network solutions while matches with the most advanced redundant power supply, heating and ventilation systems and fire detection systems, so that ensure the uptime up to more than 99.9% at the greatest extent.

Hong Kong virtual host launched by BlueHost China is favoured by domestic users, not just out of its fast speed, but it also has many other features:

1. Hosted in premium room of Hong Kong, secure

2. Anti-DDOS automatic filtration system

3. Stable performance, 99.9% uptime

4. A variety of packages is available

5. Unconditional Refund within 30 days after purchase

6.Genuine operating system

7. Genuine management panel, safe and stable, with the world‘s most popular host control panel

8. System supports Chinese language packages, completely solve the gibberish problems of foreign host

9. Perfect database mechanism(daily backup, keep the latest 7 days update data), to ensure the security of your data

10. Shorten the response time (lower ping value), select the Hong Kong host adjacent to the mainland can give you a more smooth speed of page loads

11. Better SEO results, search engines usually give priority to the site hosting the server in the local and surrounding areas, which often have higher search rankings

As a data exchange exit in China ,Hong Kong can fulfill the access requirement of both domestic and overseas users, and domestic telecommunication will be interconnected with China Netcom smoothly. For general domestic enterprise users, whose customer base mainly in the country can choose Hong Kong host; For foreign trade enterprises, if their users are distributed around the world, then Hong Kong host is the best choice. As a well-known American host, absolutely BlueHost can provide the Hong Kong host with premium quality, so it has been strongly recommended!

Tips: Don’t forget to use the coupon code BH in BlueHost Chinese Station, to enjoy a discount at 5% -10% 。

How About US Shared Hosting Rental? American Server Recommended.


As we all know, American hosting is the server that located in the United States. With the development of the economic globalization in recent years, US shared hosting is well welcomed in China Mainland, especially for those foreign trade companies. So, how about US shared hosting rental, indeed? Here, we will introduce some advantages of US shared hosting and recommend some reliable providers to you.

1. No Backup

When renting the domestic server, you need to finish the complex back-up process in the related bureau. However, there is no need to do the same action if you purchase American space. So, it seems an absolutely ideal choice for those webmasters who want to publish their websites as soon as possible.

2. Stable Performance

Due to the development of the technology towards American server and its strict regulations of the data center, the legal American hosting plan generally owns the high quality to ensure the steady operation of the website.

3. Fast Speed

The access speed of US shared hosting may be relatively slow in China for the sake of the remote proximity. But, its fast speed in most countries remedies this disadvantage and is very suitable for the foreign trade website.

4. Affordable Price

The high performance-price ratio is the most appealing advantage of US shared hosting and therefore attracts dozens of users to select this option.

So, from the above aspects, no one can deny that US shared hosting is a pretty good choice. But most importantly, newbie should make decisions upon the actual needs of the websites. In the end, we recommend you considering Bluehost China like we always do: https://cn.bluehost.com/

Bluehost China:How To Apply For Hosting Space


How To Apply For Hosting Space?

Facing the rapid development of the Internet Era in recent years, most enterprises starts to build websites to initiate their IT services. Without the hosting space, the enterprises has no right to create the important website, so how to apply for this?

Surely, you should choose one reputable, experienced, and high-quality hosting provider. And upon making your decision, the aspects you may concern should as follows:

Hosting Space

The hosting space is up to the actual need of the website. There is no need to purchase a relatively large space when only little information and traffic are produced at the very beginning. However, with the smooth website development in later stage, you may have to upgrade the space capacity via the hosting provider so as to fit the increasing needs.

Script and Database

ASP and PHP are normal scripting languages, and respectively need to equip the access and mysql databases. So you should pay close attention to the script and database information.

Traffic and IIS Connection

IIS connection is the number of visits to the site‘s 80 port within a certain period of time, which generally understood as the number of concurrent users. Forums need at least 500G. But for those websites that are not download stations, maybe 50G would be enough. In addition, you can also consider upgrading the traffic or your hosting plan to cater to the development of the website.

Data Security

Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of the data security. Therefore, for the sake of ensuring the data safety, you should select the hosting provider with defensive measures.

Space Bandwidth

Remember to test the bandwidth of the target plan and pay attention to the access speed and the stability also.

If you have no idea right now, why not give a try to visit Bluehost China: https://cn.bluehost.com/

The Advantages of BlueHost Cloud Virtual Hosting


The advantages of BlueHost cloud virtual hosting

BlueHost has more than 20 years of experience in hosting service, and it has a good reputation in the industry over time, which has been favoured by many website owners. What’s more, it’s products are constantly increasing in order to meet the different needs of more users. Below I’ll give you an introduction about the advantages of BlueHost cloud virtual hosting.

BlueHost cloud virtual hosting has powerful performance, and it is more stable than the normal virtual hosting, its performance is also better.

1, High security

BlueHost cloud virtual hosting can ensure the security of your data, and it will help you to synchronize your data into three servers that on different nodes. If one of the servers fails, finally causes the data loss, the system will automatically copy the data from the other two servers, to ensure the normal operation of the site. So users do not have to worry about the data loss 。

2, Faster access speed and file loading

BlueHost‘s cloud virtual hosting has its own high-end hardware and low-density servers, and it also uses varnish caching layer and global CDN cache,which has fully secured the website speed. At the same time, the execution efficiency of static file page is also becoming more efficient, and dynamic requests are faster than before.

3. Simple and clear operation

The dashboard of BlueHost cloud virtual hosting provides intuitive visualization for you to check site’s current access performance, such as access tendency, page downloads, and uptime and so on. And there is also a real-time resource management tool, which can help you to view the website in real time, so that you will not have to worry about the traffic problems that can cause the speed decline.

4, High performance

As your site increases constantly, you just need to increase your existing hosting resources. You can also upgrade into a more powerful package, or directly increase the CPU and RAM. And you do not have to worry about restarting during these operations, or shut down your server, and you’ll not be charged for additional fees.

What mentioned above are the advantages of BlueHost cloud virtual hosting. If you want to find more related information ,you can go to the Host Detective.

for everyone to help. If you want to know more BlueHost cloud virtual hosting information, you can understand the

How about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting


How about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting?

Whether it is website building enthusiast, or those who engage in site operations, they both know more or less about some of the domestic and foreign host providers. The overseas host take advantages over domestic host, such as no need for the record, less strict requirements for contents and so on. However, there are a variety of overseas hosts, but which one should we choose? How about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting

BlueHost is a trustworthy American host provider that is favoured by many users in China. It has fast speed and good stability. What’s more, BlueHost has specifically launched the Chinese station and Chinese customer service that is convenient to domestic users, and the the Chinese station also provides four machine rooms for domestic users, including the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India 。

The advantages of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting

1, Good reputation: As an established service provider in the United States, BlueHost has good reputation and credibility over years. It has more users especially after the establishment of the Chinese station, from which you can see that BlueHost is a trusted service providers.

2, Great user experience: Now, there are a lot of overseas service providers that provide related web hosting services. However, BlueHost has a simplified Chinese interface,Chinese customer service, and it also supports Alipay payment 。 Therefore, it is more convenient for customers to use.

3, High-level Configuration : BlueHost server has adopted dual E55302.40GHz Xeon quad-core Hyperthreading processor, with 24GB of memory, 1T BRAID1 (mirror) user data cache drives etc.; and it used the drivers with RAID Controllers and redundant power supplies, it also equipped with high voltage AC and fire detection systems.

4, The premium cPanel : BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting is using cPanel panel (linux) and Plesk panel (Windows), which has the best stability and best security on the market now, and its control panel can also be set as Chinese interface for easy operation .The cPanel is also very easy to operate, and you can find a lot of operating procedures tutorial online, even novice webmaster will know how to operate it easily.

5, Perfect Service : Bluehost provides users with 7 * 24-hour online service to help users solve problem at any time.

From what mentioned above, I’m sure you’ll have an overall recognition about BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting. In a word,it is still very good, and worth to you.

What Are The BlueHost Hong Kong Virtual Hosting Schemes


BlueHost is an established virtual host provider,which has good reputation, and it was found in 1996 on the west coast of the United States. And BlueHost is now one of the most widely used overseas hosts in China. Then, What are the BlueHost Hong Kong schemes?

In order to meet the needs of domestic users, Bluehost have specially introduced computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe and India for users to choose, while the Hong Kong virtual hosting is most popular among domestic users. Hong Kong virtual hosting has many advantages, on the one hand, it’s speed is relatively fast, and it is closer to mainland China; on the other hand, the computer room of BlueHost Hong Kong is located in the Telehouse that is the top of HKColo.NET data center, and the domestic line has also been specifically optimized, usually the ping of Hong Kong virtual hosting is about 50ms, so the speed is quite fast. In addition, BlueHost Chinese site also supports global CDN acceleration technology, so users do not need to worry about the speed.

BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting provides three different options for users to choose: that are Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

Hong Kong virtual hosting

These three schemes of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting are different, which can meet the different needs of different users. Plan A is limited in space and traffic, and just support the single domain name, so this type of program is more suitable for some single-site users; while Plan B, Plan C support unlimited domain names, unlimited traffic and unlimited space. And Plan C also provides independent IP for users to use, but the other two programs don’t have it.

In addition, users can also use the BlueHost Coupon Code to enjoy a 30% discount (Plan A offers no discounts), in general, it is affordable.

Now you may have got an idea of the three schemes of BlueHost Hong Kong virtual hosting, which will meet the needs of different users.