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Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Virtual Server Hosting

Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Virtual Server Hosting?

Compared with the shared hosting, the virtual server hosting can save enterprises many budgets, especially for those newly-established small and medium size corporations which want to relieve the stress on their shoulders. However, in addition to the expenditure, there are still many other aspects you should take into consideration.

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

1. ISP Certificate

If this is your first time to cooperate with a hosting provider and rely on the server in front of you to run your business, well, you should never consider a small company without ISP certificate at any circumstance. Instead, we recommend you hunting for those relatively reputable enterprises with much experience and you will definitely know the reason why spending more money today is worthwhile in the future.

2. Better no middlemen

Less middlemen less expenditure, so to speak. Apart from this reason, more middlemen may bring some unstable risking factors to your service, because you can not guarantee all of them are reliable. Thus, you‘d better cooperate with the company that directly rents cabinets from the data center.

3. Check the provider not the data center

There is no need to ask the provider to meet in the data center. In the opposite, you should go straight to the provider’s office building to check everything by your own. Remember, if your machine fails, the guy you should contact will always be the provider not the data center. Therefore, the computer room luxury or not is totally none of your business.

4. Pay more attention to the size and history of the data center

Although the data center means not that important to you, a visit is always a wise move, especially pay attention to the size and history of the provider. In most cases, depending on the talents, devices, reputation and experience accumulated in the long run, the long-established provider can always outglitter the younger one.

5. Win a discreet contract

You should sign a contract clarifying the responsibilities and rights of both parties in detail. If possible, you may check the business and ICP certificates at first.

6. Do not be hosted in another place

A local data center is your ideal place, because you need the local maintenance in some circumstances. A data center in another city will charge you the relatively high fee once your server breaks down and the staffs there aren‘t willing to fix hardware and install software as well. Therefore, you’d better choose the local center or the computer room in the core city for your own sake.

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