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Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

Summer is the most dangerous period for those providers, because the virtual machine is likely to break down in high frequency. To ensure the smooth operation of the machine, we indeed need to do the maintenance work well. Below, we will briefly check out the routine maintenance process of the virtual hosting system.

1. System startup:

The normal process of system startup is as follows: first, power up the peripherals, such as disk array, tape library etc. After all the peripheral power-on self-tests are completed, the host powers up normally. After the host is powered on, press the POWER button to start the machine.

2. System shutdown:

When the server system is shut down, it is necessary to confirm whether the service of the server has an impact on the current network service. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm the program process in the running of the closed server, specify the software security‘s shutdown procedure, and then perform the shutdown operation.

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

3. System and data backup:

Effective and timely system backup is a vital part within the system management. When the system fails, especially when the file system or the hard disk is seriously damaged, it is necessary to use the backup file to restore the system. Please perform the backup procedure under the following circumstances:

New installation: System backup should be performed after the installations of hardware and system software.

Software alteration: System backup should be performed after the alterations of system or application software.

Regular backup: System backup should better be performed in every three months.

4. System recovery:

When a serious system failure occurs and the general maintenance method cannot be used to restore the original system in a short period of time, the most recent system’s backup can be reinstalled to the machine to comprehensively restore the system to the system environment when the backup was performed last time after confirming with the superior. Then reinstall the data backup of the day to the system. At this point, the system can resume its normal operation. After that, the manufacturer should conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of the entire incident in order to find the cause of the failure, and take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

5. Safety regulations:

a. Regular system backup

b. A system backup should be performed when the system alteration or patches are needed to be installed.

c. Data backup of the day should be performed when hard disk fails. When replacing the hard disk, please confirm that the data backup of the day has been completed.

d. Prevent the static electricity when replacing sensitive electronic components.

e. Power off the peripherals when inserting or removing devices.

f. Confirm current paths when deleting files and documents.

g. Confirm parameters and paths when decompressing files and documents.

The above information is the routine maintenance procedure of the virtual hosting. Anyway, pay attention to the protection work and ensure the smooth operation of your machine.

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