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Big Sales of BlueHost and Other US Shared Hosting in Black Friday

Big sales of BlueHost and other US shared hosting in Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, all major vendors in the United States have launched host promotions, while the silent BlueHost is not far behind, it also launched a promotion, that is all users can enjoy $ 1 / month preference based on the original price, which has been definitely a good opportunity for all user who cared BlueHost, because BlueHost has always been known for stability, seldom offer discount code like other shared hosting vendors, so we have to seize this opportunity.

Specific promotions details are as follows:

All users can enjoy 1 dollars / month preference based on the original price

The preferential price is as follows:

One year: 5.95 US dollars / month, the original price is 6.95 US dollars

Biennium: $ 4.95 per month, original cost $ 5.95

Three-year: 3.95 US dollars / month, the original price is 4.95 US dollars

Notably, the deadline is next Monday, that is, November 26, hope you seize this opportunity.

Also the well-known host like Godaddy, HostEase, IXWebhosting, HostMonster, FatCow, iPage, etc all release promotions, as follows:


Coupon code: Thanksgiving

Suitable programs: Linux-based, business-type host

Windows expansion, unlimited host

Preferential margin: pay 30%

Validity: 2012.11.30

Host Introduction : HostEase is known as the fastest shared hosting provider in U.S, its servers are located in Seattle, Dallas, Houston, and San Jose, and recently HostEase has introduced Krypt‘s virtual hosting.


Suitable solution: IXWebHosting expert type

Discount: 55%

Validity: 2012.11.28

Brief introduction: IXWebHosting US shared hosting provider is currently the only multi-independent IP host on the market, with large domestic user bases. IXWebHosting host IP can be used to build SEO sites, site groups and other stations.

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