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What Shall We Do When Changing Web Hosting Plan?

What Shall We Do When Changing Web Hosting Plan?

Many customers feel very confused when they first get involved in the server industry, so they may make the mistakes of choosing the unreliable or incorrect hosting providers at the very beginning, which will directly lead to the server downtime in some circumstances. To make things worse, some of them even have to change the provider they corporate before the contract period. Therefore, today we will mention some aspects you should pay attention to when altering the hosting plan so as to avoid the relevant lost.

1. Before initialing the transfer, you should check out whether these two virtual servers come from the same provider.

In fact, the backup procedure is in accordance with the provider, not your domain name. So, if the enterprises you collaborate with are two different providers, that means you need to implement the backup transfer.

2. It is important to get your website backuped before the transfer.

Basically, we need to pack and download all the documents and files of the website. If you have the back end authority of your machine, you may use the related function to transfer your website from the current virtual server to the other one.

3. Start your backup transfer procedure.

You can contact your target provider to initiate this relatively easy procedure, and make sure you can finish all these in just one time.

4. Go the domain name resolution test.

Also, you can also upload your website package to the target provider and run the test by using the second-level domain name.

5. After accomplishing the backup transfer, you may submit the white list and then resolve the main domain name to the current machine. In general, the website will be ready to access in 20 mins.

In addition, do not inform your previous provider unless you have already get this done, or your virtual server may be shut down deliberately.

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