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Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Foreign Virtual Server

Many followers know that I have written dozens of articles about hosting purchase or server rental etc. But today, I will go further about the FAQs when doing the virtual server machine purchase.

Compared with the domestic hosting plan, the foreign hosting plan contains various advantages, like no need for the backup procedure, affordable time and high stability. However, there are still plenty of dangers in the foreign market. So, you must take the following advice into consideration.

When making your decision, you must pay more attention to those server machines that being oversold:

1. The Trick Of Capacity And Traffic:

Most hosting providers play the game and rival other antagonists by offering users at most 10 dollars plans to let them own the so-called super huge capacity and traffic. However, many real cases have proved that this publicity is a total trick.

2. The Risk of Paying Annually:

Most all of the hosting providers require their clients to pay the bill annually. But you should pay attention to those enterprises which only supports users to pay annually, or the annual payment and monthly payment vary greatly, which will force clients to choose the former one.

3. Rebate Reward For Recommendation:

In order to expand their client base, some providers adopt the rebate reward or cash refund for promotion. That is, if one client recommends a new registered user, the recommender would receive the cash reward or rebate, similar to the form of the pyramid sales. In general, this kind of campaign is usually held by many shared hosting providers. They accumulate massive users by this form indeed, but the quality of its product will become worse as the number of clients increases.

4. The Number Of Bindable Domain Names:

Some providers claim to provide users with the unlimited domain name binding, which means that one user can bind countless websites on one server if he or she likes. And this function is welcomed by many customers however. But, one thing we should know is, the resource for one server is limited. The more websites you bind with that server, the more resources you have consumed. Finally, all the sites on that server will be heavily affected and will often occur 500 error.

Hopefully the above information will make you understand the trick in this domain and further help you do the right choice when buying the hosting plan.

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