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How Can E-commerce Website Choose Virtual Server

How Can E-commerce Website Choose Virtual Server?

The upcoming 4G times stimulates the development of the e-commerce, pushing the increasing individuals and enterprises into this domain. Therefore, the need for the e-commerce website has reached the unprecedented prosperity. But, when building the e-commerce site, you may take this question into your first consideration, how to choose the virtual server? We all know that the quality of one server plays a vital role in the website‘s performance, so you’d better follow these six suggestions.

1. Server Capacity:

The website capacity should depend on the website‘s size and traffic. The individual may choose 100-200M, while the enterprise may select 300-1000M.

2. Server Traffic:

In general, the website traffic can be divided into the limited traffic and unlimited traffic. Because the traffic and speed are inversely proportional, so it is best to use the space with the limited traffic so as to effectively protect the speed. And the website speed with no traffic limitation actually has no guarantee. For many starters, they will wrongly consider no-limitation as the highest speed. But, the truth for “unlimited“ is that no one can ensure that you will always has the best access speed at all.

3. Server Price

The space price is mainly decided by the external environment, including the server capacity, the access speed, the site traffic and the environment of the data center. In addition, this option not only obsesses the big space capacity, but also owns the greater performance than the low-capacity space.

4. Space Security:

The website or the server will be infected by the virus sometimes for various reasons, but a good web space can effectively terminate the infection from the outside world.

5. Server Speed:

The factors that deciding the website speed contain the environment of the data center and the client’s number. But you should especially pay attention to the server with no limitation, because this kind of hosting usually has the most severe question.

6. Industry Experience:

With no doubt, remember to choose the experienced and reliable hosting provider by checking the registration date of the company. The experienced enterprise can definitely offer you the better product and service.

Therefore, as an e-commerce company, you should think about your choice carefully before making your final decision. Open your eye and make out the correct answer.

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