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How To Purchase Virtual Private Server

How To Purchase Virtual Private Server?

In most cases, many webmasters feel confused about purchasing virtual private servers after registering their domain names. As for the so-called virtual server, it means to partition the server on the Internet into multiple “virtual” servers which respectively owns the separate domain name and completed Internet functions, such as WWW、FTP and E-mail. So, how to select the virtual private server

Below, we recommend you considering the following aspects in advance before your paying for the bill.

1、 Space Price

Price is definitely the important aspect you should give the high priority. It doesn‘t mean that the higher price, the better quality the product offers. Many users choose the plan under 100 RMB per year, but it can still provide the good quality as those of some expensive ones.

2、 Website Space

It is vital for the user to figure out the website space, and then try his or her best to estimate how many web pages and images the website will produce in the following one year. This information will help you make out the space capacity you ought to pay for. Also, remember to take the website capacity you may grow into one year later as your reference.

3、 Traffic Limitation

Generally, many providers have noted the percentage of the CPU and the limitation of IIS the user can access. These limitations may vary from each other due to their distinct qualities. Therefore, you’d better checking out first by contacting the support team and providing them with your situation so as to decide your perfect plan.

4、 Space Speed

Space speed is also a point that many users concern. You may apply for the trial from your target provider to test the product‘s speed or ask friends to access your website. In addition, some online web performance test tools will also do you a favor.

5、 Free Trial

To mention that, some hosting providers don’t offer the free trial. So, some websites may find out some functions are banned, which seems very annoying.

6、 7×24 Tech Support

7×24 Tech Support team can address your problems at the first time. When comparing several providers, recommend you checking out whether the customer services of these enterprises are available. If not, you‘d better choose another provider.

Anyway, hope the above information can give you some inspirations to some extent.

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