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What BlueHost Linux Shared Hosts are Suitable for PHP Applications

Today, using PHP program to build site has become a mainstream, and domestic PHP site has also become more and more popular, most of the major applications are based on the PHP program, such as commonly used ECShop ShopEX, Discuz !, WordPress, joomla, etc., so we can find that PHP occupies an important position in the current market. As a result, many hosting companies are beginning to focus on the PHP virtual hosting business, while Linux virtual hosting on BlueHost China are perfectly compatible with PHP websites.

Host companies generally launch not Linux virtual hosting or Windows virtual hosting, and PHP programs are supported both in Linux and Windows, but most of the Linux space is using the PHP + MySQL operating environment, and PHP open source advantages combined with Linux characteristics, which has made Linux + PHP a trend, and their perfect compatibility has fully guaranteed the stability and security of PHP website.

BlueHost has been known for providing Linux virtual hosting since it was introduced, however, BlueHost has also provided Linux virtual hosting on its Chinese site after entering the Chinese market. Its Linux Web Hosting provides a very standard and normative PHP platform on which any standard PHP Web site program can be installed and run. At the same time, Linux virtual host supports a key installation of most PHP applications on the backend.

Many PHP applications may adopt different versions, and the virtual virtual hosting provided by BlueHost China website supports multiple PHP versions, which can meet the needs of different applications. You can see BlueHost virtual hosting Switching PHP Version Tutorial for details.

BlueHost China station provides three types of Linux virtual hosting programs,including Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, different configurations can meet the needs of different users, and most importantly, don’t forget to use the coupon code BH to enjoy a discount!

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