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Recommended BlueHost Hong Kong Virtual Host

As we know, BlueHost has launched the Hong Kong virtual host since 2014, which also provided Linux and Windows systems. And the background operation panel supports cPanel and Plesk panels. The reasons why it is recommended to domestic users is that BlueHost is not only a well-known U.S. host provider, but its Hong Kong host server is located in the top Telehouse room in Hong Kong‘s HKColo.NET data center.

Hong Kong virtual host

Hong Kong virtual host

Telehouse is a global Fortune 500 multinational enterprise, with 44 computer rooms in 12 countries, and its data center director has 25 years experience in this industry. Telehouse Hong Kong computer rooms covers an area of 30,000 square feet and is the T3 + standard data center ,also one of the largest data centers in Hong Kong. The Host servers hosted in this data center are using the most advanced hardware and software equipment, which has good stability. Bluehost Chinese station’s Hong Kong server is using Xeon Dual Hex-Core, Dell server with 48 GB of memory, high performance and Juniper network solutions while matches with the most advanced redundant power supply, heating and ventilation systems and fire detection systems, so that ensure the uptime up to more than 99.9% at the greatest extent.

Hong Kong virtual host launched by BlueHost China is favoured by domestic users, not just out of its fast speed, but it also has many other features:

1. Hosted in premium room of Hong Kong, secure

2. Anti-DDOS automatic filtration system

3. Stable performance, 99.9% uptime

4. A variety of packages is available

5. Unconditional Refund within 30 days after purchase

6.Genuine operating system

7. Genuine management panel, safe and stable, with the world‘s most popular host control panel

8. System supports Chinese language packages, completely solve the gibberish problems of foreign host

9. Perfect database mechanism(daily backup, keep the latest 7 days update data), to ensure the security of your data

10. Shorten the response time (lower ping value), select the Hong Kong host adjacent to the mainland can give you a more smooth speed of page loads

11. Better SEO results, search engines usually give priority to the site hosting the server in the local and surrounding areas, which often have higher search rankings

As a data exchange exit in China ,Hong Kong can fulfill the access requirement of both domestic and overseas users, and domestic telecommunication will be interconnected with China Netcom smoothly. For general domestic enterprise users, whose customer base mainly in the country can choose Hong Kong host; For foreign trade enterprises, if their users are distributed around the world, then Hong Kong host is the best choice. As a well-known American host, absolutely BlueHost can provide the Hong Kong host with premium quality, so it has been strongly recommended!

Tips: Don’t forget to use the coupon code BH in BlueHost Chinese Station, to enjoy a discount at 5% -10% 。

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