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How About US Shared Hosting Rental? American Server Recommended.

As we all know, American hosting is the server that located in the United States. With the development of the economic globalization in recent years, US shared hosting is well welcomed in China Mainland, especially for those foreign trade companies. So, how about US shared hosting rental, indeed? Here, we will introduce some advantages of US shared hosting and recommend some reliable providers to you.

1. No Backup

When renting the domestic server, you need to finish the complex back-up process in the related bureau. However, there is no need to do the same action if you purchase American space. So, it seems an absolutely ideal choice for those webmasters who want to publish their websites as soon as possible.

2. Stable Performance

Due to the development of the technology towards American server and its strict regulations of the data center, the legal American hosting plan generally owns the high quality to ensure the steady operation of the website.

3. Fast Speed

The access speed of US shared hosting may be relatively slow in China for the sake of the remote proximity. But, its fast speed in most countries remedies this disadvantage and is very suitable for the foreign trade website.

4. Affordable Price

The high performance-price ratio is the most appealing advantage of US shared hosting and therefore attracts dozens of users to select this option.

So, from the above aspects, no one can deny that US shared hosting is a pretty good choice. But most importantly, newbie should make decisions upon the actual needs of the websites. In the end, we recommend you considering Bluehost China like we always do: https://cn.bluehost.com/

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