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Bluehost China:How To Apply For Hosting Space

How To Apply For Hosting Space?

Facing the rapid development of the Internet Era in recent years, most enterprises starts to build websites to initiate their IT services. Without the hosting space, the enterprises has no right to create the important website, so how to apply for this?

Surely, you should choose one reputable, experienced, and high-quality hosting provider. And upon making your decision, the aspects you may concern should as follows:

Hosting Space

The hosting space is up to the actual need of the website. There is no need to purchase a relatively large space when only little information and traffic are produced at the very beginning. However, with the smooth website development in later stage, you may have to upgrade the space capacity via the hosting provider so as to fit the increasing needs.

Script and Database

ASP and PHP are normal scripting languages, and respectively need to equip the access and mysql databases. So you should pay close attention to the script and database information.

Traffic and IIS Connection

IIS connection is the number of visits to the site‘s 80 port within a certain period of time, which generally understood as the number of concurrent users. Forums need at least 500G. But for those websites that are not download stations, maybe 50G would be enough. In addition, you can also consider upgrading the traffic or your hosting plan to cater to the development of the website.

Data Security

Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of the data security. Therefore, for the sake of ensuring the data safety, you should select the hosting provider with defensive measures.

Space Bandwidth

Remember to test the bandwidth of the target plan and pay attention to the access speed and the stability also.

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