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Comparison Between Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting For Enterprise‘s Website Establishment


Comparison Between Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting For Enterprise‘s Website Establishment

Many people actually don’t know how much site spaces they need, let alone choosing shared hosting, the high performance-price ratio server. Therefore, they may feel dizzy when making the final decision.

So, what is the shared hosting? Basically, the shared hosting, also called “webspace”, partitions a physical server running on the Internet into multiple “virtual” servers. This tech has dramatically facilitated the application and popularization of the network technology, and the rental service of shared hosting also becomes a brand-new economic mode in this Internet era.

Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

Below, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the shared hosting:

Advantages Of Shared Hosting

1. Compared with purchasing the dedicated server, the shared hosting requires the lower price and brings the great convenience to the medium-and-small size enterprises.

2. The server management is rather easy and professional providers may offer security measures such as software configuration, anti-virus and anti-attack which to some extent simplify the management process.

3. The efficiency for building the website has been increased. From preparing to purchase the relevant hosting plan and installing the operating system and application software by your own, this process may cost you much time. However, if you‘re going to rent a shared hosting via the reliable provider, all of these things can be done in just few minutes after paying the check.

Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting:

1. Some functions are limited by the service provider, such as forum programs that may consume system resources and traffic statistics functions, etc.

2. The layout of the website need to take the functions like database type and operating system provided by the enterprise into consideration.

3. Some shared hosting websites own slow access speeds, which may arise from server configurations or the hosting provider’s leasing of a host to massive websites. And the pity is the website itself can not handle the problem and the situation may bring back some bad effects.

4. Some providers set limitations on the website traffic, which may result in the circumstance of failing to access the site when receiving a large volume of traffic.

So, shared hosting or dedicated hosting, it‘s a question. But, you’d better make your choice depending on the actual needs of your website. In general, websites of smaller enterprises have relatively few contents, simpler functions, and lower traffic, which make the shared hosting a good choice. However, if this option cannot guarantee the normal operation of the website or the website needs some certain functions, well, the dedicated one seems better.

Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Virtual Server Hosting


Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Virtual Server Hosting?

Compared with the shared hosting, the virtual server hosting can save enterprises many budgets, especially for those newly-established small and medium size corporations which want to relieve the stress on their shoulders. However, in addition to the expenditure, there are still many other aspects you should take into consideration.

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual Server Hosting

1. ISP Certificate

If this is your first time to cooperate with a hosting provider and rely on the server in front of you to run your business, well, you should never consider a small company without ISP certificate at any circumstance. Instead, we recommend you hunting for those relatively reputable enterprises with much experience and you will definitely know the reason why spending more money today is worthwhile in the future.

2. Better no middlemen

Less middlemen less expenditure, so to speak. Apart from this reason, more middlemen may bring some unstable risking factors to your service, because you can not guarantee all of them are reliable. Thus, you‘d better cooperate with the company that directly rents cabinets from the data center.

3. Check the provider not the data center

There is no need to ask the provider to meet in the data center. In the opposite, you should go straight to the provider’s office building to check everything by your own. Remember, if your machine fails, the guy you should contact will always be the provider not the data center. Therefore, the computer room luxury or not is totally none of your business.

4. Pay more attention to the size and history of the data center

Although the data center means not that important to you, a visit is always a wise move, especially pay attention to the size and history of the provider. In most cases, depending on the talents, devices, reputation and experience accumulated in the long run, the long-established provider can always outglitter the younger one.

5. Win a discreet contract

You should sign a contract clarifying the responsibilities and rights of both parties in detail. If possible, you may check the business and ICP certificates at first.

6. Do not be hosted in another place

A local data center is your ideal place, because you need the local maintenance in some circumstances. A data center in another city will charge you the relatively high fee once your server breaks down and the staffs there aren‘t willing to fix hardware and install software as well. Therefore, you’d better choose the local center or the computer room in the core city for your own sake.

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting


Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

Summer is the most dangerous period for those providers, because the virtual machine is likely to break down in high frequency. To ensure the smooth operation of the machine, we indeed need to do the maintenance work well. Below, we will briefly check out the routine maintenance process of the virtual hosting system.

1. System startup:

The normal process of system startup is as follows: first, power up the peripherals, such as disk array, tape library etc. After all the peripheral power-on self-tests are completed, the host powers up normally. After the host is powered on, press the POWER button to start the machine.

2. System shutdown:

When the server system is shut down, it is necessary to confirm whether the service of the server has an impact on the current network service. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm the program process in the running of the closed server, specify the software security‘s shutdown procedure, and then perform the shutdown operation.

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

Routine Maintenance Of Virtual Hosting

3. System and data backup:

Effective and timely system backup is a vital part within the system management. When the system fails, especially when the file system or the hard disk is seriously damaged, it is necessary to use the backup file to restore the system. Please perform the backup procedure under the following circumstances:

New installation: System backup should be performed after the installations of hardware and system software.

Software alteration: System backup should be performed after the alterations of system or application software.

Regular backup: System backup should better be performed in every three months.

4. System recovery:

When a serious system failure occurs and the general maintenance method cannot be used to restore the original system in a short period of time, the most recent system’s backup can be reinstalled to the machine to comprehensively restore the system to the system environment when the backup was performed last time after confirming with the superior. Then reinstall the data backup of the day to the system. At this point, the system can resume its normal operation. After that, the manufacturer should conduct a comprehensive analysis and review of the entire incident in order to find the cause of the failure, and take appropriate measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

5. Safety regulations:

a. Regular system backup

b. A system backup should be performed when the system alteration or patches are needed to be installed.

c. Data backup of the day should be performed when hard disk fails. When replacing the hard disk, please confirm that the data backup of the day has been completed.

d. Prevent the static electricity when replacing sensitive electronic components.

e. Power off the peripherals when inserting or removing devices.

f. Confirm current paths when deleting files and documents.

g. Confirm parameters and paths when decompressing files and documents.

The above information is the routine maintenance procedure of the virtual hosting. Anyway, pay attention to the protection work and ensure the smooth operation of your machine.

Big Sales of BlueHost and Other US Shared Hosting in Black Friday


Big sales of BlueHost and other US shared hosting in Black Friday

Black Friday is approaching, all major vendors in the United States have launched host promotions, while the silent BlueHost is not far behind, it also launched a promotion, that is all users can enjoy $ 1 / month preference based on the original price, which has been definitely a good opportunity for all user who cared BlueHost, because BlueHost has always been known for stability, seldom offer discount code like other shared hosting vendors, so we have to seize this opportunity.

Specific promotions details are as follows:

All users can enjoy 1 dollars / month preference based on the original price

The preferential price is as follows:

One year: 5.95 US dollars / month, the original price is 6.95 US dollars

Biennium: $ 4.95 per month, original cost $ 5.95

Three-year: 3.95 US dollars / month, the original price is 4.95 US dollars

Notably, the deadline is next Monday, that is, November 26, hope you seize this opportunity.

Also the well-known host like Godaddy, HostEase, IXWebhosting, HostMonster, FatCow, iPage, etc all release promotions, as follows:


Coupon code: Thanksgiving

Suitable programs: Linux-based, business-type host

Windows expansion, unlimited host

Preferential margin: pay 30%

Validity: 2012.11.30

Host Introduction : HostEase is known as the fastest shared hosting provider in U.S, its servers are located in Seattle, Dallas, Houston, and San Jose, and recently HostEase has introduced Krypt‘s virtual hosting.


Suitable solution: IXWebHosting expert type

Discount: 55%

Validity: 2012.11.28

Brief introduction: IXWebHosting US shared hosting provider is currently the only multi-independent IP host on the market, with large domestic user bases. IXWebHosting host IP can be used to build SEO sites, site groups and other stations.

The Market Segmentation, The Brighter Future


The Market Segmentation, The Brighter Future

“Market segmentation” was put forward by the American market scientist Wendell Smith in the middle 1950s. It refers to the marketer partitions one product‘s market into multiple markets catering to various customer groups in accordance with the market research, the needs and desires of consumers and the variances of purchasing behaviors.

So, the virtual server industry should also focus its attention here, yep, to initiate the market segmentation. Basically, the virtual machine can be divided into China Mainland’s, American, Hong Kong, foreign and backup-free web hosting.

In most cases, enterprises have many methods to promote one product or service into the target market within those different domains. However, when facing the fierce and tense competition worldwide, it is totally important to figure out the product positioning. To a large extent, the product positioning can help enterprise avoid the competitions arising from the price, performance and tech. However, sometimes the client doesn‘t even care about your product, but the value and profit behind it. The balance between the enterprise and the customer’s supply and demand is usually disciplined by the interests and values of both parties.

No diversified enterprise would say that they have no need of the product positioning. Take the hosting industry as an example, inland enterprises only focus on the domestic market at the very beginning and form a closes loop. But, with the increasing foreign business, more and more foreign hosting is accepted in China Mainland. In addition, the strict backup regulation also accelerates the birth of Hong Kong virtual hosting, which reduce the inconvenience of going through the dull and longtime approval procedure to the least.

So, you see the importance to do the product segmentation and product positioning. Only in this way can enterprises satisfy the different market needs and improve the company‘s performance. Anyway, hope the above information can bring you some inspirations and give the hosting industry a more promising future.

What Shall We Do When Changing Web Hosting Plan?


What Shall We Do When Changing Web Hosting Plan?

Many customers feel very confused when they first get involved in the server industry, so they may make the mistakes of choosing the unreliable or incorrect hosting providers at the very beginning, which will directly lead to the server downtime in some circumstances. To make things worse, some of them even have to change the provider they corporate before the contract period. Therefore, today we will mention some aspects you should pay attention to when altering the hosting plan so as to avoid the relevant lost.

1. Before initialing the transfer, you should check out whether these two virtual servers come from the same provider.

In fact, the backup procedure is in accordance with the provider, not your domain name. So, if the enterprises you collaborate with are two different providers, that means you need to implement the backup transfer.

2. It is important to get your website backuped before the transfer.

Basically, we need to pack and download all the documents and files of the website. If you have the back end authority of your machine, you may use the related function to transfer your website from the current virtual server to the other one.

3. Start your backup transfer procedure.

You can contact your target provider to initiate this relatively easy procedure, and make sure you can finish all these in just one time.

4. Go the domain name resolution test.

Also, you can also upload your website package to the target provider and run the test by using the second-level domain name.

5. After accomplishing the backup transfer, you may submit the white list and then resolve the main domain name to the current machine. In general, the website will be ready to access in 20 mins.

In addition, do not inform your previous provider unless you have already get this done, or your virtual server may be shut down deliberately.

Things You Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Foreign Virtual Server


Many followers know that I have written dozens of articles about hosting purchase or server rental etc. But today, I will go further about the FAQs when doing the virtual server machine purchase.

Compared with the domestic hosting plan, the foreign hosting plan contains various advantages, like no need for the backup procedure, affordable time and high stability. However, there are still plenty of dangers in the foreign market. So, you must take the following advice into consideration.

When making your decision, you must pay more attention to those server machines that being oversold:

1. The Trick Of Capacity And Traffic:

Most hosting providers play the game and rival other antagonists by offering users at most 10 dollars plans to let them own the so-called super huge capacity and traffic. However, many real cases have proved that this publicity is a total trick.

2. The Risk of Paying Annually:

Most all of the hosting providers require their clients to pay the bill annually. But you should pay attention to those enterprises which only supports users to pay annually, or the annual payment and monthly payment vary greatly, which will force clients to choose the former one.

3. Rebate Reward For Recommendation:

In order to expand their client base, some providers adopt the rebate reward or cash refund for promotion. That is, if one client recommends a new registered user, the recommender would receive the cash reward or rebate, similar to the form of the pyramid sales. In general, this kind of campaign is usually held by many shared hosting providers. They accumulate massive users by this form indeed, but the quality of its product will become worse as the number of clients increases.

4. The Number Of Bindable Domain Names:

Some providers claim to provide users with the unlimited domain name binding, which means that one user can bind countless websites on one server if he or she likes. And this function is welcomed by many customers however. But, one thing we should know is, the resource for one server is limited. The more websites you bind with that server, the more resources you have consumed. Finally, all the sites on that server will be heavily affected and will often occur 500 error.

Hopefully the above information will make you understand the trick in this domain and further help you do the right choice when buying the hosting plan.

How Can E-commerce Website Choose Virtual Server


How Can E-commerce Website Choose Virtual Server?

The upcoming 4G times stimulates the development of the e-commerce, pushing the increasing individuals and enterprises into this domain. Therefore, the need for the e-commerce website has reached the unprecedented prosperity. But, when building the e-commerce site, you may take this question into your first consideration, how to choose the virtual server? We all know that the quality of one server plays a vital role in the website‘s performance, so you’d better follow these six suggestions.

1. Server Capacity:

The website capacity should depend on the website‘s size and traffic. The individual may choose 100-200M, while the enterprise may select 300-1000M.

2. Server Traffic:

In general, the website traffic can be divided into the limited traffic and unlimited traffic. Because the traffic and speed are inversely proportional, so it is best to use the space with the limited traffic so as to effectively protect the speed. And the website speed with no traffic limitation actually has no guarantee. For many starters, they will wrongly consider no-limitation as the highest speed. But, the truth for “unlimited“ is that no one can ensure that you will always has the best access speed at all.

3. Server Price

The space price is mainly decided by the external environment, including the server capacity, the access speed, the site traffic and the environment of the data center. In addition, this option not only obsesses the big space capacity, but also owns the greater performance than the low-capacity space.

4. Space Security:

The website or the server will be infected by the virus sometimes for various reasons, but a good web space can effectively terminate the infection from the outside world.

5. Server Speed:

The factors that deciding the website speed contain the environment of the data center and the client’s number. But you should especially pay attention to the server with no limitation, because this kind of hosting usually has the most severe question.

6. Industry Experience:

With no doubt, remember to choose the experienced and reliable hosting provider by checking the registration date of the company. The experienced enterprise can definitely offer you the better product and service.

Therefore, as an e-commerce company, you should think about your choice carefully before making your final decision. Open your eye and make out the correct answer.

How To Purchase Virtual Private Server


How To Purchase Virtual Private Server?

In most cases, many webmasters feel confused about purchasing virtual private servers after registering their domain names. As for the so-called virtual server, it means to partition the server on the Internet into multiple “virtual” servers which respectively owns the separate domain name and completed Internet functions, such as WWW、FTP and E-mail. So, how to select the virtual private server

Below, we recommend you considering the following aspects in advance before your paying for the bill.

1、 Space Price

Price is definitely the important aspect you should give the high priority. It doesn‘t mean that the higher price, the better quality the product offers. Many users choose the plan under 100 RMB per year, but it can still provide the good quality as those of some expensive ones.

2、 Website Space

It is vital for the user to figure out the website space, and then try his or her best to estimate how many web pages and images the website will produce in the following one year. This information will help you make out the space capacity you ought to pay for. Also, remember to take the website capacity you may grow into one year later as your reference.

3、 Traffic Limitation

Generally, many providers have noted the percentage of the CPU and the limitation of IIS the user can access. These limitations may vary from each other due to their distinct qualities. Therefore, you’d better checking out first by contacting the support team and providing them with your situation so as to decide your perfect plan.

4、 Space Speed

Space speed is also a point that many users concern. You may apply for the trial from your target provider to test the product‘s speed or ask friends to access your website. In addition, some online web performance test tools will also do you a favor.

5、 Free Trial

To mention that, some hosting providers don’t offer the free trial. So, some websites may find out some functions are banned, which seems very annoying.

6、 7×24 Tech Support

7×24 Tech Support team can address your problems at the first time. When comparing several providers, recommend you checking out whether the customer services of these enterprises are available. If not, you‘d better choose another provider.

Anyway, hope the above information can give you some inspirations to some extent.

What Is The Virtual Space, What Functions Does Virtual Space Have?


What Is The Virtual Space? What Functions Does Virtual Space Have?

Nowadays, dozens of enterprises utilize websites to publicize themselves and make the visitor get the deeper understanding of their companies via browsing the sites. As we all know, the website generally consists your domain name and IP address. So, do you know where to put those things? Actually, the answer is the virtual space. Below, we will introduce some detailed information about this aspect.

The virtual space, also called the virtual space or virtual server, is to utilize the unique software and hardware technologies to partition one server into several tiny “virtual” machines. Every virtual server owns its dedicated domain name, IP address (or the shared IP address) and the complete Internet functions. In other words, it adopts the special software and hardware technologies to divide a real physical server into multiple logical storage units. And due to the absence of the physical entity, every physical unit can work as the real physical one on the web. In addition, the key technology of the virtual server is that although the same hardware or operating system runs the different server programs for multiple users, they do not disturb each other.

Therefore, the appearance of the virtual space indeed brings the world much benefits. For the sake that many virtual servers share one machine‘s resources, thus, the cost spent on the hardware, web maintenance and telecommunication line for every user sharply decreases, which makes Internet the web that every single man can afford. In recent times. the enterprise obsessing its own website will purchase the virtual space so as to guarantee the proper operation of its website.

So, hope the above information can bring you some inspirations to some extent. Choose Bluehost, choose quality!