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How About The Free China Shared Hosting And Domain Name

Enterprise Station free domain nameand website space can still be useful?

With the development of the Internet, the number of individual stationmaster is increasing unceasingly, and many IDC merchants to obtain the new stationmaster user‘s eyeball, has launched the free domain name and the space and so on preferential measure, then the free domain name and the China shared hosting really has like to say that the dependant ?What should the Novice webmaster pay attention to when we using?

First, about the free domain name

Actually can be free to apply for the domain name is very few, the general domestic and foreign IDC business can apply for free domain name most of the two or three domain name, in addition to the novice webmaster practice not too much value, so if you want to set up a regular website, for your long-term development,I suggest the best or do not use these two or three domain names, in order to avoid late-changing domain name for the optimization of the site itself to bring trouble.

Second, about the free China shared hosting

In general, the free China shared hosting is a marketing strategy of IDC service provider, similar to the free trial experience, but generally normal IDC vendors do not provide a free experience, but for the United States hosts, they generally provide a 30-day free refund guarantee, if everyone with their host dissatisfied,free refund within 30 days, in fact, this is very good, it is equivalent to free experience.

Of course, there are host providers offering free hosting products, however, the scheme and they sell may be a certain difference, and the free China shared hosting is also a lot of restrictions, general 1G or 2G space, the size of the site may be a little larger than the resources, then the host business requires you to buy their paid product solutions. I used to use the domestic host house free space, limited too much, and later had to give up, also useful to the United States host Detective Free host, later with the expansion of the scale of the site, and eventually have to buy the regular host space products, in fact, the same free domain name, the free China shared hosting is more suitable for novice webmaster familiar with the process and how to build stations, this is more useful, the real building station or not to recommend the use of free host. Because the purpose of free is to get you paid, so free virtual host limit more, once reach the line need to pay to continue to use, so the free China shared hosting to long-term users, and the free China shared hosting broadband, traffic, concurrency number is shared, so often appear website open slow is normal,So do not believe that free China shared hosting can bring you much good service.

Therefore, in the process of website construction, in order to ensure that the site platform can run well, or to the regular manufacturers to buy domain names,the free China shared hosting , do not believe that some small server hosting to play the attractive ads.

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