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What is the Ping value of the China shared hosting

What is the Ping value of the China shared hosting?

When we choosing the China shared hosting , we can see Ping values in parameters.So, what is Ping value,what is its main role ? what impact will it have on the China shared hosting?

What is a Ping value?

Ping values are from a PC on the network server sends data to the receiving of feedback data to the server time. Typically in milliseconds.When we playing online games, ping value will high delay in operation.

What does role Ping value play in the China shared hosting

First of all we need to know what is Ping, the so-called ping value actually said was that the network response time, it is time for us to send requests to the server to the receiving server response time.This means that if you lower the ping valve , then it receives the information from the server‘s time is shorter.

If the PING command is used to determine the local hosting can exchange data with another host successful package. Again according to the returned information you can infer the TCP/IP parameters (because the data is sent over TCP/IP networks that are now) is set, the network is smooth, but not PING successfully on behalf of TCP/IP configuration is correct, you might want to do a lot of the local hosting and the remote host’s packet-switched, to make sure that TCP/IP configuration is correct.

Secondly, PING is a test program, some companies might want to use Hong Kong server, how fast you can know the ping valve.

Due to the record interest influences webmaster website, so we all plunge into the international space market, to use overseas space without the record, direct use, so firstly, the customer‘s problem is that Hong Kong is overseas? why he can not record? Hong Kong belongs to the autonomous region, he so ZC is autonomous, so his server as well as overseas, then Hong Kong speed fast? Shenzhen, next to Hong Kong, a River City, and away from the speed of overseas space fast, of course, because Hong Kong access mainland China, with the backbone, so speed is the speed of BGP, Up to 50MS speed, that is, Hong Kong is more than no record, and speed is also faster than the PING of many parts of the country.

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