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How To Build Site Via Free Shared Hosting

How To Build Site Via Free Shared Hosting

In this chapter, we will introduce required installation steps when creating a website by using the free shared hosting.

How To Build Site Via Free Shared Hosting

How To Build Site Via Free Shared Hosting

1. Register a free account first. After the successful login, enter the member center.

2. After entering the user center, click on the “Click a button to initialize” button to initialize the free shared hosting.

3. Upon the initialization gets succeed, the system will pop up a hint for domain name binding. You can ignore this reminder and close the window directly.

4. Click on the Management Button and enter the control panel of the shared hosting.

5. Set the FTP password in order to upload resources to the free space.

6. Enter the Database Management page and click on the Initialize Database and Database Management buttons respectively. Remember the database name and password, which may be used in the following website installation.

7. After initializing the database, the system will automatically create a database with the same user name. This database can be used directly to install the database.

8. Create a database. Most website builders need to manually establish databases.

9. Enter Database Management page and click on Advanced Management. Then select Database button and input the database name. Finally, the database will be created successfully upon clicking on Create button.

10. You can directly install some of the preinstalled built-in website systems of the free shared hosting plan in the control panel. However, these website systems are generally not the latest version, and some open source systems cannot be upgraded cross the different versions, which may make the upgrading process become more complex. Compare with updating the upgrade patch of each version to the latest version, it‘s better to upload the latest website system’s source code via FTP and then initiate the installation.

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