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Can Free Domain Name And Shared Hosting Actually Work

Can Free Domain Name And Shared Hosting Actually Work?

With the development of Internet and the increasing number of webmasters, many IDC providers launch astonishing discounts like free domain names and hosting plans to attract attentions from massive newbies. So, do these marketing tactics really work? What aspects should new webmasters pay attention to?

1. Free Domain

In fact, there are just a little domain names can be applied for free right now. The domain names that can be freely applied by domestic and overseas IDC corporates are mostly second- or third-tier domain names, remaining little practical value except for some beginners. So, if you wanna run the website for a long term, you‘d better give up these useless domain names so as to avoid the possible troubles they may bring to website’s optimization when altering the original domain name.

Can Free Domain Name And Shared Hosting Actually Work

Can Free Domain Name And Shared Hosting Actually Work

2. Free Shared Hosting

In general, the free shared hosting is a marketing strategy of IDC provider and to some extent is similar to the free trial. But, the majority of reliable providers do not support this service directly but generally offering the so-called 30-day refund policy. Therefore, if you are not that satisfied with its hosting plan within one month, you can get your money back with no sacrifice.

Of course, there must be some providers that can offer free products and services. But, these free products always have lots of limitations, such as the tiny space capacity like 1G or 2G. Once you surpass the allocated resources, it‘s time that the provider asked you to purchase its paid services. Like the free domain name, the free shared hosting is more suitable and useful for beginners to get familiar with the process of website establishment and learn to establish the site by their own. But, if the website under construction is pretty vital, the free shared hosting is absolutely not recommended. Anyway, you should figure out this kind of free product or service aims to let you take money out of your pocket. It sets lots of limitations on your package and requires you to pay additional fees to use extra functions. In spite of this, the shared bandwidths, traffic and other services will also slower the loading speed of the website. So, the free shared hosting is not that benefit for beginners and will bring no edges for you.

Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the website, we still recommend you purchasing the domain name and shared hosting plan from reputable manufacturers, and do not trust those confusing campaigns advertised by some small providers.

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