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What Is The Cost Of Shared Hosting Rental

What Is The Cost Of Shared Hosting Rental?

For those beginners and start-ups, the shared hosting rental with the more affordable price will be their best choice. But when choosing the shared hosting rental, you should first get familiar with the usual cost of it.

The elements that can influence the cost of shared hosting rental contain the configuration, server, space size, network line and traffic, etc. Below, we will introduce the detailed information for you.

What Is The Cost Of Shared Hosting Rental

What Is The Cost Of Shared Hosting Rental

1. Traffic Limitation:

Domestic shared hosting is usually divided according to the site space, traffic and bandwidth. Plus, there is the access limitation between the two major domestic lines, Telecom and Netcom, so the double-line data center has gradually come into people‘s sight.

2. Network Line:

The cost of double-line data center is definitely higher than that of the single-line computer room. Thus, the network line is also a consideration when making your choice. So, before doing the purchase, you should firstly figure out this aspect.

3. Rental Expense:

Evaluate your budget correctly. The enterprise with abundant capital can purchase the dedicated server by its own, while the smaller corporation may select the shared hosting or server as the best choice. Today, The Internal websites for most companies need to install internal corporate communications software which can absolutely be supported by the shared hosting. So, you can subscribe the basic one at the very beginning. Later, when having the need to scale your website, then you can upgrade your plan. So, in the early stage, you’d better give the stability the highest priority.

4. Speed Testing:

In addition, speed testing is required when purchasing the shared hosting plan. You can test IP address at first and then go through the test with Ping value. The normal test result is less than 150ms. If yours surpasses 250 ms, then your site may suffer from the severe delay. Basically, the lower Ping value the better. In this regard, Hong Kong shared hosting successfully win the attention from customers with the lower Ping value ranging 25 to 55ms, which brings the best operative environment for target users.

5. After-sales Service

Finally, it is time to check the after-sales server. Signing a contract with the user is only the first step, the stable operation afterwards is the most vital thing. We know that the shared hosting requires 24/7 continuous operation. Therefore, there may occur many problems during this period, and most of which may be related to the server. If after-sales service is not in place, well, the webmasters or engineers based in target enterprises will have to solve the relevant problems by themselves, which not only affects the normal operation of the website, but also worse the user experience.

Anyway, do more comparisons when making your decision. And please be caution about your final choice.

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