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What Is The Ping Value Of Shared Hosting

What Is The Ping Value Of Shared Hosting?

When selecting the shared hosting plan, most people will notice the Ping value among massive parameters. Thus, what is Ping? What are the main functions of it? And what influences it may bring to the shared hosting?

What Is The Ping Value Of Shared Hosting

What Is The Ping Value Of Shared Hosting

First of all, what is the definition of Ping?

Ping value refers to the time from when PC sends data to the web server until it receives feedback from the server, usually calculated in milliseconds. So, if you have a high Ping value when playing computer games, well, it may screw your game experience.

Second, what influences Ping value may bring to the shared hosting

Ping actually is the response time of network. The higher value, the longer time you need to get feedback from the server.

The Ping command is used to determine whether the local server can exchange packets with another host. Based on the returned information, you can infer whether TCP/IP parameters have been set up (because the network is usually transmitting data over TCP/IP protocol) and whether the network is smooth, etc. But the successful running of Ping does not mean that the TCP/IP configuration is correct. You may have to perform a large number of packet exchanges between the local host and the remote one to make sure that the TCP/IP configuration is correct.

Basically, Ping is to some extent a testing procedure. Some enterprises may need to use the Hong Kong server and examine the machine’s access speed via Ping value.

Currently, many webmasters prefer to invest the overseas server due to the inconvenience of the backup procedure in China Mainland. So, why Hong Kong hosting plan can avoid this necessary step? Does it not belong to China?

Because Hong Kong belongs to the autonomous region, so his server is actually the same as the overseas machine. So, how fast is Hong Kong hosting? For the sake of the close proximity between Hong Kong and China Mainland, so the speed of Hong Kong hosting relatively fast, reaching 50MS, which means Hong Kong plan not only need to apply for the backup approval, but also owns the faster Ping value than many places in China.

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