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What Are The Advantages of Shared Hosting

What Are The Advantages of Shared Hosting?

Everything has its own reason to exist, so does every web hosting plan. If you are a medium and small size enterprise, it seems a waste to purchase the shared hosting. Thus, it is time for you to choose virtual machine rental to manage your website. Actually, this option owns many advantages.

In general, the increasing enterprises and governments at all levels give higher priority to the shared hosting than establishing and maintaining one server by their own, because the former one can obsess the dedicated site which offers the higher security. Below, we will introduce the detailed information.

1. No domain name binding: users can directly resolute their domain names to dedicated IPs instead of binding server names in the control panel of the shared hosting plan.

2. Decrease the chances of being blocked: avoid the situation that one website which violates relevant laws and regulations affects the other site.

3. Anti-attack: the dedicated shared hosting could avoid being attacked while other users on the same server are being hacked.

4. Improve the inclusion level and search opportunities by search engines: if an IP only corresponds to one website, the search engine will regard this website as the high-quality site and therefore increase its inclusion level. Then, search engines will be more easily to capture the pages of the website, which will definitely benefit the website promotion and online marketing.

5. Universal domain name binding: the dedicated IP address can realize the universal domain name binding function that the virtual machine in Windows operating system can not achieve.

Note: No matter what option you choose, you should always make your decision according to the actual need. In addition, the type of enterprise is also a point you should take into consideration. Just like the large enterprise absolutely should choose the bigger space for storing its massive files and documents.

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