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The Advantages And Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

In general, the increasing enterprises and governments at all levels give more priority to the shared hosting than establishing and maintaining one server by their own, because the former one can obsess the dedicated site which offers the higher security.

1. What are the differences between the server rental and the shared hosting

The shared hosting relies on one (computer) server and multiple websites can share resources (hard disk spaces, processor cycles and memory spaces) on this server. In addition, one single server can run 10 to 1,000 virtual machines at the same time.

2. What are the differences between the server hosting and the virtual hosting?

The server hosting business can be divided into server hosting and virtual hosting. “Server hosting” refers to placing one server in or renting one server from a company that has the Internet network environment. Customers can configure the server with WWW, E-mail, or FTP functions via the remote control. “Virtual hosting” refers to partitioning the hard disk of a UNIX or NT system. Each separate hard disk space can be configured with WWW, email and FTP functions, accompanying by the dedicated domain name and IP address. This kind of server can hardly be figured out that it actually shares resources with others, so to speak. Users who rent spaces on this server can control their own parts and realize the functions of uploading and downloading files and configuring application functions via the remote-control tech including FTP.

3. The advantages of virtual hosting:

Lower budget: compared to building a separate data center, the overall operating cost of this plan decreases sharply.

High reliability: 24/7 tech support and professional maintenance team.

Stable network: Higher security.

Greater flexibility: The plan offers users the shorter time to start his or her business and is easy to scale.

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