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The Advantages Of HK Shared Hosting and Dedicated IP

The Advantages Of HK Shared Hosting and Dedicated IP

HongKong shared hosting refers to the data center or server located in the server room in Hong Kong. In general, this hosting has three advantages:

1. High price-performance ratio, also means inexpensive. This charming factor indeed attracts most people to adopt Hong Kong hosting. And the price for this plan will be cheaper in future, especially due to the increasing number of HK hosting provider springing up every year.

2. No Backup. Many clients fail to apply for the backup approval due to various reasons, while HK hosting can totally avoid this situation. Therefore, the no need for going through the backup procedure win the enterprise bringing back this option many upvotes.

3. Fast speed. Because of the close distance from Hong Kong to China Mainland, so the access speed of HK hosting plan is rather fast, outglittering Korean, American and many other countries‘ plans.

As we know, one server may be partitioned into multiple virtual spaces, which allocate to dozens of clients. So, every customer on the same server share one single IP if you purchase the shared one. Under this circumstance, when someone suffering the cyber attack, everyone will freak out and be affected totally. But, the dedicated hosting can get rid of this situation instead. The dedicated hosting will offer you one separate IP which only directs to your own website. In addition, this option can also provide you with the highest control authority. Also, the later one will still help you with the Baidu inclusion and SEO. When choosing the shared IP, the popular search engine will automatically regard you as the lower-quality website, and even further lower your Baidu inclusion. However, the dedicated one will do a great help to the website SEO and draw massive traffic to your business in the long run.

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