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What Are The Different Versions Of The Shared Hosting

What Are The Different Versions Of The Shared Hosting?

With the vicissitude of the computer application technology, the shared hosting also advances with the trend of the times and realizes the upgrade to meet various requirements of the different industries.

The characteristics of General One: this generation utilizes the image cache to accelerate the static content, which makes no change in the dynamic one. Later, one CDN provider made out some technologies to effectively cope with the synchronization update concerning the cache of the dynamic page, indicating the real birth of the Generation Two.

General Two: the introduction of the data backup and the strong and versatile virtual control panel make the shared hosting become more appealing than ever.

General Three: publishing the traffic and connection statistics hosting system, and realizing the function of WEB self-management within SQL database, etc.

General Four:

Double data protection, server hard disk adopting Raid 1 backup, and the large-scale storage device backup the user data every 3 days;

The triple protections from the software, hardware and transparent firewall, as well as the “black hole” anti-DDOS attack firewall;

SSL encryption technology to ensure data security;

The unique website design system to set up multiple functions in the real time;


Self-developed control panel;

General Five:

Acceleration between networks: two or more lines which use CDN acceleration technology;

Data backup: The raid backup, regular automatic backup via massive storage devices, or remote synchronization can all play the role of the backup and distribution.

Self-management: the highly self-management of virtual machines and databases;

Statistics system: the system with the strong integration function can implement the safe, reliable and comprehensive analysis of the number of the website access, and it generally owns the relatively great anti-attack ability.

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