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Uncover The Truth Behind The Free Shared Hosting

Uncover The Truth Behind The Free Shared Hosting

The free shared hosting seems very engaging for those beginners, because this option can build nice websites for them as well. Plus, most of them are unfamiliar with the details in this domain. So, they may underestimate the problems they will encounter in the future. Once failing to access their websites or facing the low loading speed, these new guys may get frustrated or lose the interests in keep building their sites.

Therefore, we actually do not recommend you using the free shared hosting at the early stage. But, why are there still so many hosting providers offering the free shared hosting?

In fact, the free shared hosting is a kind of marketing model.

You know, the booming prospect of the Internet in china partly attributes to some words and phrases like “free” and “shared”, etc. The aim of this model is to attract enough potential audiences to use the free shared hosting at first, and then the provider will persuade the customers to upgrade their plans to the better and more expensive one.

As you know, as an effective marketing method, the shared hosting can gather massive clients in a very short time.

But, this option will make all these audiences not only pay for the money, but also many other things. Take Alibaba Cloud as an example, if you want to use its cloud hosting, you should firstly repost the advertisement of the hosting provider to Weibo to apply for the trail. It is an typical example, but this requirement seems not that mean.

In addition, some providers set limitations on the website type or traffic. If you surpass the rules they set, then you have to pay. Although the fee every time you cost is not very expensive, but the total amount will equal to the paid plan.

Therefore, considering the long run of the development, you may better choose the stable shared hosting as we recommended.

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