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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Building Websites Via Shared Hosting

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Building Websites Via Shared Hosting?

Although more and more enterprises adopt the cloud hosting, there are still many people choose to use the shared one. Basically, the virtual space refers to several virtual machines that partitioned from one web server. Every shared hosting can operate as a single and dedicated website, owning the separate domain name and complete server functions (WWW, FTP and Email)。 So, what‘s the advantages and disadvantages of building websites via the shared hosting?

I. The Advantages Of Shared Hosting

1. Compared with purchasing the dedicated server and renting the cloud hosting, the shared hosting requires the lower price, which brings the great convenience to the medium-and-small size enterprises.

2. The server management is rather easy and professional providers may offer security measures such as software configuration, anti-virus and anti-attack which to some extent simplify the management process.

3. The efficiency for building the website has been increased. From preparing to purchase the relevant hosting plan and installing the operating system and application software by your own, this process may cost you much time. However, if you’re going to rent a shared hosting via the reliable provider, all of these things can be done in just few minutes after paying the check.

II. The Disadvantages Of Shared Hosting

1. Some functions will be negative, such as the forum program that may take up system resources and the traffic statistics function, etc. And, when the site remains static, the IIS_Rewrite dynamic library cannot be used.

2. The layout of the website need to take the functions like database type and operating system provided by the enterprise into consideration.

3. Some shared hosting websites own slow access speeds, which may arise from server configurations or the hosting provider‘s leasing of a host to massive websites. And the pity is the website itself can not handle the problem.

4. It may bring the negative effect to the normal access of the website. In addition, if there are websites got punished by search engines on the server, it may lower your ranking.

5. Some providers set limitations on the website traffic, which may result in the circumstance of failing to access the site when receiving a large volume of traffic.

So, now it is your time to make a decision whether to select the shared hosting or not upon your actual needs.

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