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How About The Speed Of Hong Kong Shared Hosting

How About The Speed Of Hong Kong Shared Hosting?

As Internet marketing advances, more and more medium-and-small size enterprises and individuals begin to establish their own websites. Before that, they have to firstly hand in dozens of documents so as to get over the problem of going through the backup process. In addition, the information you submit ought to be authentic and any fake information will fail your application. Or, if you fail for the first time, it is hard to make the second application that easy. And there is one thing ought to be mentioned, do not leave your ID card‘s address during the application, your current domicile will be the proper answer. So, how about the speed of Hong Kong shared hosting

First, Hong Kong shared hosting can offer the relatively fast speed no matter in China or in other districts. This kind of hosting plan avoids the connection problem between China Telecom and China Netcom, so Hong Kong hosting plan can provide the ideal speed with the users from the both sides.

Second, most data centers of Hong Kong hosting plan are located in New World data center in Hong Kong. Users can test their account in advance, only without modifying their domain name access. And if they feel unsatisfied, they can make the requirement to transfer to another data center. Under this circumstance, there will be no wrong of your website.

Finally, Hong Kong shared hosting usually adopts 100M international bandwidth. Because there is a rather long distance between Hong Kong and China Mainland, many users worry about the slower speed arising from this. And this is exactly why Hong Kong hosting plan applies the international bandwidth to make its speed rival that of the best hosting plan in inland. However, the relevant test shows that the ping of the domestic hosting plan ranges from 20ms to 50ms, while the result of Hong Kong option remains the same, ranging from 20ms to 56ms.

In a word, apart from ignoring the backup process, Hong Kong hosting plan still obsesses the relatively fast speed. So, you may consider your own needs to decide whether adopt this plan.

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