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Shared Hosting or Server, Which One Do Your Website Prefer

Shared Hosting or Server, Which One Do Your Website Prefer?

Users may not understand the principle of the shared hosting, and even the variances between the shared one and the server.

The shared hosting partitions one server into various dedicated Web servers via the software technology, which generally is to divide a large space into several tiny spaces with their binding domain names and websites. However, the configuration and security level of the latter shared hosting are lower than that of the dedicated server.

In the aspect of the configuration, the server outglitters the shared hosting, but its convenience for the management is also obvious. The server of the shared hosting is under the control of the hosting provider, which can provide the professional technical team to address with the problem occurred. Thus, the only thing that users need to do is to upload the data via FTP when building the websites. Currently, the greatest need for the shared hosting comes from the medium-and-small enterprises and they generally comes for the high performance-and-price ratio of this option.

Actually, either you choose the shared hosting or the server, you must comply with the basic rules. If the user wants to establish a website uploading various images which means the content of the site will take up the larger space, the 200M capacity‘s shared hosting will definitely make you feel disappointed. As we all know, only the capacity of your server can cover your website space, your website seems to run properly with no mistake.

And the portal website, receiving the high volume of the traffic, also needs the relatively large space. So, you see, the low configuration of the shared hosting could not meet the requirement of the portal website.

In addition, the website providing the service of downloading videos, films, music and software doesn’t fit to adopt the shared hosting either. Because when people downloading resources, it will form a very huge traffic, which absolutely need the dedicated hosting to support it.

Apart from all above, some websites need the special server authorizations as well. This means that you should own the overall management authorization of the server, so we always recommend these users selecting the dedicated one.

In a word, no matter you choose the shared hosting or the server, you should firstly figure out the actual needs of yourself and then pick up the proper configuration. Trust Bluehost ! We surely offer you the best service.

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