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How to Choose the Double – Line China Shared Hosting Network Card

How to choose the double – line China shared hosting network card

Double – line China shared hosting is the same server have telecom and netcom networks at the same time two lines, by routing users IP address based on intelligent telecom users visit the web site access telecommunication lines, netcom users visit the web site access netcom lines, so that achieve the goal of visits between the north and the south.

How to implement a domain IP telecom users access to telecommunications, netcom users access netcom IP addresses, this problem has been bothering you webmaster, common practice is in the home page before doing a “telecommunications station” and “netcom station”, let the telecom user and netcom users according to their own situation choose the quickest route accordingly. However, the survey found that few users go back to their own route, so this is a virtual one. Now, there is a more effective solution ,the double – line China shared hosting.

Double – line China shared hosting network card generally has single IP and single network card; Double IP address, double network card; Two IP addresses in three ways. Single – line single IP realization dual circuit is a new routing technology. When parsing, automatically determines that the visitor is the kind of line, so that the IP can take that line and meet the needs of each line. Single IP two-wire service has no permission to switch lines, so it can‘t achieve the fast goal of network. Single network card IP is a kind of intelligent two-wire, due to the binding the two IP, on a single network card through the DNS server for smart switch, can get IP address from telecom/netcom respectively, truly so quick access. Double double card double IP access telecom/netcom respectively, and the two cable routing random fluctuations, doing that can lead to server and lead to user access fast slow, even completely unable to access, the actual is backward elimination method. There’s also a third-party ISP line that connects to both telecom and netcom speed, and it works well.

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